TGGC #62: Learning to trust your body & remembering your essence with Rochelle Schieck


Rochelle Schieck is the founder of Qoya. Since its inception in 2009, she has trained hundreds of Qoya teachers, taught thousands of Qoya movement classes, and led dozens of retreats in the most sacred places on earth with one intention in mind: to remember, and to help others do the same.

Her work has been featured in outlets like New York Magazine,, The Telegraph, and Psychology Today.

Qoya has come up on the podcast many times and it’s had a profound impact on my life, so I’m really excited to share this conversation with you.

We talked about learning to trust our bodies, healing from heartache, balancing our masculine and feminine energies, and what you can expect in a Qoya class.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How movement creates flow not just in our physical health but also in our energy and our creativity
  • Focusing on what feels good in the body and the trickle effect that has into other areas of our lives
  • The benefits of getting sick and how it’s really telling us that things are working, not that they aren’t
  • Learning to trust our bodies
  • The story of how Rochelle developed Qoya
  • What to expect at a Qoya class
  • The evolution of Qoya and the new movement system that Rochelle is working on developing
  • Balancing our masculine and feminine energies
  • Healing from heartbreak in a way that helps us to be more whole and more in touch with ourselves
  • What it means that through movement we remember that our essence is wise, wild, and free
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Where to find Rochelle: