TGGC #65: Spiritual healing tools & creating a relationship with the tarot with Tamara aka Wolf Sister

Tamara (aka Wolf Sister) is a Shaman, Reiki master, supernatural potion maker and Tarot reader.

I’m always so impressed with her grounded approach to personal development and spirituality and it’s such a pleasure to get to share her with you on the show.

We talked about her own journey with anxiety and depression, her shaman studies in Bali, how to get started with a tarot practice, and how she balances her business as a healer with her job as a hair dresser.




In this episode we discuss:

  • Tamara’s experience of deciding she wanted to make changes in her life and going through counselling
  • What reiki is, what you can expect in a reiki session, and how it can help you
  • Her experience of studying shamanism in Bali
  • Practices and rituals for bringing feelings of groundedness, self-awareness, and intuition to our busy daily lives
  • Learning the language of the tarot and developing your own intuitive relationship with the cards
  • Balancing her bridge job and her work as a healer



Where to find Tamara: