TGGC #67: Finding your voice as an artist & experiencing a deeper sexuality with Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra Roxo is an intuitive coach, writer, filmmaker and public speaker living in LA.

Her film work has garnered millions of hits online and been featured in press from Vogue to the Times.

She recently co-founded Moon Club a monthly subscription based mentorship and coaching program.

In this episode we talk about her journey to finding her voice as an artist, translating our feelings of overwhelm into activism, and balancing our spiritual and sexual lives.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Alexandra’s journey of self-exploration and being an artist
  • The internal and external resistance she’s faced for exploring taboo topics in her work
  • Understanding your greatest human needs
  • Balancing our spiritual and sexual lives and how Alexandra is opening up this conversation through the Holy F*ck Salons
  • Finding out what makes us feel sexy, turned on, and loved
  • Seeking ourselves on a deep level rather than letting other people tell us what to do or what’s true
  • Avoiding spiritual bypassing by feeling out feelings
  • Translating our feelings of overwhelm about the world into activism
  • Ways to get or stay grounded
  • Alexandra’s rituals for releasing 2016 and planning for 2017


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