TGGC #68: The truth about grief with Kristen Rogers Anderson

TGGC #68: The truth about grief with Kristen Rogers Anderson

Kristen Rogers Anderson wants to help people feel good by entertaining them and inspiring "me too!" moments. She's the co-host of the Book Club Schmook Club podcast and her true crime YouTube show, Guilty Party, launches this month.

Kristen recently wrote an article about the positive sides of grief that she unexpectedly experienced after her family suffered a horrible tragedy. We talked about dealing with death, the importance of allowing yourself to grieve - and what that means, and how this experience helped her grow as a person.

We also riffed on our love of bullet journaling, Kristen's journey with personal development, and the routines she's developed to take care of herself.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What Kristen’s doing to balance her many creative projects with her job
  • How we’re both using our bullet journals
  • Kristen’s journey with personal development and more intentionally designing her life
  • The tragedy that her family suffered over the summer and her experience of grief
  • Feeling and expressing your feelings through grief
  • What her loved ones did that helped her feel loved and supported throughout the grieving process
  • The unexpected benefits that Kristen found in her grief 

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