TGGC #69: Navigating authenticity versus curation online with Sara Tasker

Sara Tasker runs the blog Me and Orla. She's a stylist, photographer, writer, and Instagram coach.

We're talking about finding community (and making friends! online), curation vs. authenticity online, how Instagram has changed her life, and how she balances motherhood and chronic illness with her work. 





In this episode we talk about:

  • How sometimes the creative work we’re most critical of ends up being the work we love most later on
  • Sara’s journey to creating a career on Instagram
  • Navigating the element of curation on Instagram with the desire to connect and share our real lives
  • Setting boundaries about what we share online
  • Dealing with negativity and judgment online
  • How Sara’s life has changed due to Instagram
  • Her journey of developing an eye as a photographer 
  • Tips for finding your own style
  • Advice for finding true connection and being part of a community on Instagram
  • After years of experiencing fatigue and believing she was just "lazy", Sara’s journey to being diagnosed with chronic illness
  • How she's accommodate the fatigue with running her business
  • Juggling self-employment and motherhood


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