TGGC #72: FAQ: Spirituality, rituals, time management, writing, & moving to a new city

In this special FAQ episode I answer your questions about anything and everything! The topics range from spirituality, rituals, and routines to writing, activism, and moving to a new city. I hope it will give you a chance to get to know me better and learn something new in the process.


In this episode I talk about:

  • The decision process we went through to move from London to Liverpool
  • Rituals that have been game changers for me
  • Putting the sacred back in Sunday and treating it as a time for spiritual connection and self-care
  • My best time management tips
  • My writing routine
  • My activism past and present and how that fits into my personal development and self-care
  • How I go about creating an altar in my home
  • Creating boundaries around work, life, and home
  • Clearing the path for opportunities
  • How pregnancy has impacted my work as an entrepreneur
  • Balancing the spiritual and strategic sides of my business
  • How I take care of myself mentally while running a business

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