TGGC #78: Getting clear on your values and living in integrity with Jenni Brown

Jenni Brown is a Type A Creative and a Co-Founder of Prim'd Marketing, where she's the resident creative-brain/web & branding strategist helping business owners look and sound like the best version of themselves.

Jenni and I are going to be diving deep into the importance of living in integrity with our values, how to get really clear on what our values are, and staying in touch with them on a day-to-day basis.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Creating white space and consciously transitioning from one phase of your day to the next
  • Our personal stories of navigating burn out and uncoupling our self-worth from our productivity
  • Defining what values even are and how they’re different from goals
  • Jenni’s journey to getting in touch with her values
  • Four simple ways to get clear on what your values are
  • Looking for the personal indicators or warning signs that pop up when you’re out of touch with your values
  • Creating goals and designing your life to match your values


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