TGGC #83: FAQ: finding your girl gang, managing your anxiety, & taking a break from writing

Today’s episode is a special FAQ episode with me again! It’s the last episode before I go on maternity leave but don’t worry - I’ve pre-recorded interviews and we’ll just be switching to publishing them every other week rather than weekly. I’ll be back to recording in the autumn. I’m talking about finding your girl gang, managing your anxiety, moving to a new city, why I haven’t been writing for the past month, what I’ve learned from pregnancy and a lot more.

In this episode I talk about:

  • The biggest lesson pregnancy has taught me
  • My experience of body image during pregnancy and how I’ve coped with body image issues in the past
  • Find community in my new city
  • Managing the stress of moving
  • Taking your sense of home with you wherever you go
  • The practices I find the most grounding when I’m overwhelmed
  • How I deal with anxiety
  • The process of creating community online
  • Putting yourself out there, even when you’re scared shitless and don’t feel ready
  • Why I haven’t been writing for the past month
  • Meeting new friends and finding your girl gang
  • Whether I think it’s appropriate to call grown women “girls”
  • Finding a balance between being ambitious and being gentle with yourself
  • Creating intimacy with myself and with my husband
  • The thing I’ve found most surprising about pregnancy
  • What I feel I need as I step into motherhood

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions; I had so much fun answering them!


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