TGGC #84: Redefining cool and embodying empathy with Kerrin Smith

Kerrin Smith is the founder of Cool & Thoughtful, an initiative to shift social values from hyper-individualism to empathy by redefining cool as generosity rather than rebellion.

I’m completely obsesesed with this concept!

We had the most amazing conversation with Kerrin about how meditation can help us process our feelings, blending action & faith when it comes to reaching our goals, and what it looks like (and feels like) to redefine cool for ourselves.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Kerrin’s exploration of interfaith work and how it led to her meditation practice
  • How meditation can help us feel, process, and learn from our emotions
  • Blending action and faith when it comes to reaching our goals
  • Where Kerrin draws her faith from
  • The Cool & Thoughtful project she has created aimed at imagining what the world look like if we understood "cool" as generosity instead of rebellion
  • Kerrin’s personal journey from the traditional definition of cool to redefining it as empathetic and thoughtful
  • Practices for exploring the idea of cool and thoughtful in your own life


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