TGGC #88: Why healing is valuable work with Shivani Seth

Shivani Seth is a South Asian American queer woman and the child of 1st generation immigrants from India.

She’s a long-time writer, but a new publisher. I loved her article, Healing is Valuable Work and that’s the very topic we dive into in this episode.

We chat about how she restructured her life after burn out, how we can come to be more generous with our definition of “work,” and the cultural beliefs we have to undo in order to see the true value of taking care of ourselves.



In this episode we talk about:

  • Exploring the connection between caffeine and anxiety
  • The impact of warming foods and drinks on our bodies
  • Shivani’s experience of burn out and how she restructured her life as a result
  • Her transition out of social work and into freelance writing
  • The Rest for Resistance project
  • Creating a more generous and inclusive definition of “work”
  • Self-care as a deposit in “the bank"


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