The Romance Yourself promo has expired but if you're ready to start loving yourself truly, madly, deeply, the course is still here for you.

Romance Yourself is a daily practice and adventure in self-exploration designed to help you begin loving yourself. It’s the guiding hand, encouraging voice, and kick in the ass I wish I’d had when I started my self-love journey.

Self-love is pivotal to living the life of your dreams, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Romance Yourself will show you the way.

The course includes:

  • A love letter from me, introducing you to the course and sharing my thoughts on self-love.
  • An outline of the daily practice, tips for incorporating the exercises into your routine, suggestions for personalizing your self-love practice, and additional resources.
  • An MP3 morning pep talk to set the tone for the day, tune into a feeling of gratitude, and have you hopping out of bed with a bounce in your step.
  • A video of a guided kundalini meditation for creating self-love.
  • Daily e-mails throughout the course with lessons on various aspects of self-love and a journaling prompt to help you crystallize your own thoughts and figure out how this all relates to you.
  • An MP3 deep relaxation for reflecting on your day and going to sleep in a calm, loving state of mind.

You can sign up to Romance Yourself at any time for £23*.
*Approximately $35 USD or $40 CAD.

Romance Yourself has impacted my life strongly, positively, and uniquely. I was new to the idea of ‘self-love’, but in 40 days I learned the importance of cultivating a loving relationship with myself and discovered a deep-rooted desire to do so. Before starting the course, doing something nice for myself consisted of booking an annual holiday and turning off my phone while away. Now I dedicate time every single day to romancing myself! Moreover, the approaches, exercises, and strategies that I learned while completing Romance Yourself are currently helping me to navigate an extremely difficult space with love, compassion, and patience; I recently lost a much-loved family member. I feel so much safer knowing that some tools are available for when life throws something so unexpected in my path. Romance Yourself granted me permission to explore what my body and my mind really desire in life and then taught me how to prioritise these desires. It’s a wonderful feeling! My favourite part was the comprehensiveness of the course – no stone was left unturned! I also enjoyed the balance of thought and practice, which helped me to understand the reasoning behind each prompt while establishing my own daily practice.
— Rosie

Through these 40 days you'll:

  • learn practical strategies for improving your self-esteem, overcoming your fears, and creating new, positive beliefs
  • cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and begin to accept yourself just as you are
  • develop a toolbox of self-love practices, rituals, and exercises to help you manage difficult situations with more love and compassion for yourself
  • receive daily guidance on deepening and expanding your self-love practice
  • create your own road map for continuing  your self-love journey after the course ends

This ecourse is built around a daily practice that I know will help you spark a lifelong love affair with YOU or rekindle the romance if you’ve been neglecting yourself a bit lately. It’s divided into bite-sized chunks so that you can easily fit them into your day. Plus, you’ll get lots of guidance from me for getting the most out of the course.

You can return to this practice again and again when you’ve lost your way.

But I know there’s no one-size-fits-all path to self-love. I designed Romance Yourself to help you build a toolbox of strategies and exercises to deal with any situation, so that you can drop your fears, get clear on what you really want, and attract everything you desire.

Romance Yourself has impacted my life by helping me pull multiple threads together of my journey so far. It has created a solid structure that helps me make more sense of things. There have been many new insights for me to continue towards flowing and thriving. I feel reassured that I am not alone and that I am okay. It has helped me cultivate more compassion towards myself and others. I related so well to the content that I looked forwards to the postings and read them over breakfast. A great start to my day. Also, there are many topics covered within the content, so it is great to have a helpful and well researched overview of the self-development journey. I will return to the content over and over.
— Lisa

When I decided to love myself, my whole world changed. My life started opening up. I started taking risks and making my dreams a reality. I’m a happier person these days. And when life gets difficult, I have the tools to turn things around.

When you’re head over heels for yourself, you walk around wrapped up in love all of the time. You start being your own darling, so instead of relying on other people to make you happy, joy flows freely from inside of you. And pretty soon, contentment and gratitude begin to permeate every area of your life. The world opens up. You start taking real responsibility for your life and things you’d have never thought possible are now within reach.

But I’ve heard time and time again that you’re struggling to get started. You know self-love is important, but how do you make it more than an amorphous concept and start practicing it in your own life?

You’re a dazzling human being who is capable of great things and you deserve to feel like it. The life you dream of is within reach and it all starts by romancing yourself. Let me show you how.

Romance Yourself got me thinking about different aspects of myself, my views and how I think. Aspects that I had taken for granted I’ve now given thought to, and see why they may be contributing to my overall lack of self love and care. I feel more aware of me, and more open to embracing me. I have a routine now that helps balance me, and although it’s far from perfect and is still relatively new, opening myself up to that has helped greatly. I am learning to love myself. Considering the place I started in, I know it will still take time. But I no longer balk at the term ‘self love’ which for me, is a huge improvement. I feel a lot more mindful, and a bit calmer. I think that your heart as the author really shines through in the course; which dramatically adds to the impact. I felt you, even though you don’t know me at all, knew I could do this, and wanted me to do this. I think it wouldn’t have had half as much impact if I hadn’t got that sense. It’s a real testament to you as the course guide, and one I am so thankful for and deeply appreciated. Thank you for believing in my and caring about my relationship with myself!
— Rhi

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