The Self-Love Book Club Reads Red, Hot, & Holy: Week 2

Hello, book club babes!

Did you pick out a self-love talisman? How are you enjoying Red, Hot, and Holy so far?

I'll admit, Sera's colourful language and spiritual path is unconventional to say the least. But I find myself drawn into the story of her budding relationship with the divine and hanging on each vivid sentence. I'm constantly nodding emphatically, enthusiastically underlining passages, and scribbling notes in my journal.

Reflection Questions // What about Sera's spiritual beliefs (if anything) challenges your own spiritual or religious beliefs? How could you choose to reinterpret these challenges? // More than once in these opening chapters, Sera discusses the spiritual importance of dance and she finds her way back to a divine connection when dancing. Do you share this relationship to dance? What activities awaken you spiritually? // How can we read Sera's spiritual journey as a journey towards self-love? // Sera discusses several "mystical misfits" who inspired her spiritual path. Most notably, the goddess Kali shows up again and again, seemingly leading her towards an authentic relationship with her own divinity. Do you have any such spiritual figures playing an important role in your life? // What was your favourite passage from this week's reading?

I'll be sharing my answers in the comments and I hope you'll do the same. Whether you're struggling with a particular passage or concept, or would like to hear what others think about a question that's come up for you, I encourage you to share them with us as well.

Self-Love Homework #2 In Chapter 5, Sera receives a red journal from one of her sisters. It becomes a sacred space for her to share her 'Red thoughts,' first whispering them only to herself, later sharing them with her friend Maya, and now with us, her readers. I encourage you to go out this week and pick out a journal of your own - preferably one in a colour that speaks to your spirit, the way red speaks to Sera. Use it to record your favourite passages, work through the thoughts each chapter brings up, and record any soul truths your heart speaks to you. Confess your deepest fears and then challenge them until you can chip away at their facade and see the artifice underneath. Scribble down a gratitude list and every nice thing someone says to you. Write down any quote or phrase that inspires you and makes you feel more alive. Cut and paste images that inspire you. Fill a page with glitter. Make it a colourful homage to your ongoing self-love journey and honour yourself when you revisit the work you're doing.

Images via Vimeo and Flickr.