The Self-Love Book Club Reads Red, Hot, & Holy // Week 3

rhh3Hello, self-love warriors!

How did you enjoy chapters 7-13 of Red, Hot, and Holy?

Today, I need to start off with some administrative business: I want your suggestions for books to read in November! It would be fun to include a variety of texts in our book club, so self-help, memoirs, biographies, fiction, and even poetry are all fair game. Leave your suggestions in the comments throughout the week and we can start voting on them next Sunday.

journalReflection Questions // Sera's spiritual path undergoes a quantum shift after she meets Jungian psychoanalyst Marion Woodman. Looking back at your life so far, is there a particular event that stands out as a clear "before and after" marker that left you fundamentally changed? // To put her relationship with The Red Lady at the forefront of her life, Sera clears out anything that isn't supporting this spiritual path. What could you clear from your life to allow you to better focus on your current journey? // How are you responding to Sera's writing style? She utilizes an unusual combination of academic information with what might be called "spirit language" (including excerpts from her journal). Does this style draw you into her story or do you find it off-putting?

I'll be sharing my answers in the comments and I hope you will too. But if ever feel uncomfortable about making your reflections public, consider writing them in your new journal.

clearspaceSelf-Love Homework #3 Throughout our lives we accumulate physical, mental, and emotional clutter - stuff that takes up space without benefiting us in anyway. In fact, it starts to bog us down. Maintaining this clutter, even just living around it, takes our time and energy away from where it would best serve us. This week, do some clearing in your life. Clean up your space. Get rid of possessions that you no longer use. Let go of a commitment that no longer fires you up inside. Say no when someone asks for something that you're not 100% ready to give, even if it's just 5 minutes of your time. By clearing out what we don't want in our lives, we make room for what we do want. We make room for abundance.

And don't forget to leave your suggestions for November's book.

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