Be Your Own Valentine!

I know, I know - I can hear you groaning already. We should be loving each other everyday and it's all just a big scam orchestrated by greeting card companies and commercialism. Blech, right? I'm with you and forced displays of affection are hardly romantic but are we doing everything we can to love ourselves and the people around us each and everyday? I for one am never going to complain about another reason to celebrate and make my life a little more romantic. But wait, Valentine's Day can be romantic for us single ladies?

To that I say: why the hell not?

Spontaneous displays of love are always appreciated but chocolates and roses just because he thinks he has to? It's hardly swoon-worthy.

So whether single or taken, why not figure out what we want this Valentine's Day and give it to ourselves? If you want the roses and chocolates (I do!), buy them. Anything more will be (extra) icing on the cake.

Make it a sparkly day that serves as inspiration for living the rest of your year with love.

Wear your favourite dress, some sparkly headgear and a swipe of red lipstick. Treat yourself to your favourite dessert. Pick out a colourful bouquet (they don't have to be expensive - Tesco sells beautiful fuschia roses for £3). Cook yourself a beautiful meal or get takeaway from your favourite restaurant. Take a long bath and read something delicious. Cuddle up with a glass of pink bubbly and watch your favourite old Hollywood flick while painting your toes. Take yourself on a date and do something unusual (I've been thinking about this). Revisit your New Year's Resolutions and make a plan to get back on track with them. Create a new happiness ritual or self-love practice (Gala Darling provides lots of inspiration). Put Beyonce on and teach yourself the Single Ladies dance. Cultivate a feeling of celebration and do your thang.

I know lots of people think it's pathetic to be alone on Valentine's Day and any celebration of the fact is just a desperate attempt to make ourselves feel better. Bullshit. The most important relationship we'll ever have is with ourselves. The more we learn to love ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness, the more happiness we attract into our lives.

And if you find yourself feeling desperately lonely and depressed about your love life, the best solution is spread the love. I adore Veronica's idea of hiding Valentines for unsuspecting strangers, but you could also throw a dinner party for a group of single friends or dedicate your day to performing random acts of kindness.

Whatever you do on Friday, do your best to release expectations of what the day should look like or what you want from another person or what you think your life is missing. Just focus on celebrating yourself and the people you love and maybe eating more chocolate than you normally would. I'll look forward to hearing about all of your romantic adventures.

Image via HerFeed.