The Self-Love Book Club Reads Spirit Junkie

The lovely Taryn chose this month's Self-Love Book Club read, Spirit Junkie. It was my second time reading this one and I was eager to dive into it, as Gabby's writing had a profoundly positive influence on my life. But this time around, I responded to the first few chapters with a lot of resistance. It's not that I wasn't agreeing with what she was saying, but I wasn't connecting with the way she was saying it. Spirit Junkie is Gabrielle Bernstein's second book. It's part memoir and part self-help book. She shares her story of being addicted to drugs and looking for happiness outside of herself, in jobs, relationships, and possessions.  After hitting rock bottom, Gabby changed her life around by working through the principles of A Course in Miracles. She's now a highly successful author, speaker, kundalini yoga instructor, and is regarded by many as a spiritual guru.

Through each chapter, Gabby shares part of her own story of reconnecting with "spirit" and creating a life of love and happiness. Every chapter closes with exercises and meditations to guide the reader on their own spiritual journey of choosing love.

In the end, I was happy to have reread Spirit Junkie. Although I don't deeply connect with Gabby's writing anymore (at times it feels too full of platitudes for me), I appreciate the reminders of how simple it is to be happy and full of love. It was the gentle nudge I needed to rekindle my own spiritual practice and to delve more deeply into 'The Course.'