Are You Almost-ing Your Life Away?

Earlier this week I attended an amazing lecture by Marianne Williamson with my friend Jayne (and then we popped my Sketch cherry for a bit of cocktail sampling - balance). At one point during her talk Marianne said that many of us are “almost-ing” (a term from Ulysses). We’re on the right path and most of the time we do the right thing, but we’re not quite there. We’re almost living in integrity with our ideals, but not quite. Not all of the time, anyway.

While Marianne was specifically talking about our commitment to addressing social issues and standing up for global justice, I think it’s a useful concept for thinking about many areas of our life.

There are the times when we almost speak up, but we stay silent. When we almost take the plunge, but instead we hold back. When we almost do the work, but instead we make an excuse.

Think about it. Where are you so close, you’ve gone just about all the way, but you’re still almost-ing instead?

I almost live a healthy lifestyle, but I still skip my workouts more often than not.

I almost always live from a place of self-love, but there are still times when I don't speak up about my needs so that I avoid upsetting someone else.

I’m almost fully committed to my deepest passions, but there are days when I tell myself I’m too tired, too stressed, too - whatever - to do the work.

Almost keeps us stuck at good when we could be great. It stops us from living the life we really want. And it prevents us from creating our heart’s work, so that we can make the impact on the world we’re here to make.

So think of concrete ways you can step up your game. How can you kick it up from almost to 100% committed?

Write them down. Schedule them in your diary. Make them a part of your daily routine. Share them with us in the comments.

Focus on being present in every moment and always being your best self, knowing that as you do, it will get easier. Your best self will get better. You’ll become strong where you were once weak.

Commit to making ‘almost-ing’ a thing of the past and kick ass everyday instead.

Watch as your life transforms.

You’ve got this.


Image by Liz Clements.