The Art of Investing in Yourself.

Sometimes I get frustrated when people talk about investing in yourself. It feels like a guilt trip when they've just released an amazing, change-your-life offering that costs thousands of dollars and then say, if it sounds like just the thing you need, then you need to invest in yourself. Because you're worth it. They're the one who's told us it's just what we need without any recognition that, for many of us, there aren't thousands of dollars to spend. That conjuring that up sounds financially crippling.

That being said, I do think it's crucial to invest in yourself. But this is what it means to me: being intentional about how you spend your time and money so that you can attract your desires and live your dream life.

Investing in yourself requires being really clear on what you want your life to look like and what you need to start living that way right now.

Investing in yourself might mean buying an enormous, decadent slice of cake so that you can lace your day with pleasure while savouring every bite.

Investing in yourself might mean not eating out, giving up your fancy Starbucks drinks, and cancelling your Spotify subscription so that you can tuck those pennies away and go on an amazing holiday.

Investing in yourself might mean spending all of your savings on the training that will take you out of a job you hate and into the career you're dreaming of.

Investing in yourself might mean never touching your savings even when it means eating ramen every night so that you can feel financially secure and closer to your dream of owning a house in 5 years.

Investing in yourself might mean not watching TV for a week and reading personal development books or delicious fiction instead.

Investing in yourself might mean waking up an hour earlier everyday to go for a run or explore your thoughts in a journal.

Investing in yourself might mean dedicating every spare second you can muster to creating a new source of income and taking another step closer to financial independence.

Investing in yourself might mean saying yes to that thing that really scares you.

Investing in yourself might mean admitting when something isn't working and letting it go to make room for something really great to enter our lives.

We shouldn't feel guilty because we can't afford to take part in every amazing program or opportunity out there. Nor we should we be reckless financially in the name of  "investing" in ourselves.

But it's so important to give up the mindset of denying ourselves what we need and want.

It's taken me years to get out of trap of focusing on what I "should" be doing with my time and money and to start leveraging them as tools to create the life I desire.

Wherever you are in your life, I encourage you to spend some time today with a pen and paper getting really clear on what it is you want your life to look like. Then think about how you can best use whatever time and money you have in aid of those desires. If you get stuck, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll help you puzzle it out.

Whatever your needs and dreams are right now, I encourage you to find a viable investment that you can make in them today. And then share it in the comments so that we can celebrate with you!

Photograph by Emir Eralp.