Rituals, Blanket Forts, & Glitter: 20 Ideas for NYE.

So far, almost no one I've talked to is really sure what they're doing for New Year's Eve but the general consensus seems  to be a desire for fun, low key evenings in good company. I love the new year. Even though we can start fresh on any day at any moment, the symbolism provides a perfect opportunity for reflecting, planning, and celebrating.

I'm still not sure what I'll be doing on Wednesday evening; my only criteria are wearing lots of glitter, drinking something bubbly, and kissing my boyfriend at midnight. I also want to avoid paying entry fees and queuing.

I think getting too worked up over one evening is a recipe for disappointment, but that's no reason not to seize the opportunity for revelry that NYE offers. I like the idea of starting the year how you mean to go on. Without putting too much pressure on the festivities, why not infuse some magic into your night and set the tone for the coming months?

Whether you are going out or staying in, hanging with a group or flying solo, here are 20 ideas for having a magical New Year's Eve.

 Plan a mini retreat for one. Create an itinerary of activities that will help you relax and get clear on your desires for 2015.

 Practice taking sparkler photos.

 Spend the evening desire mapping and getting really clear on how you want to feel in 2015.

 Have an indoor picnic of finger foods and snacks while everyone sits on cushions in your living room floor.

 Build the biggest blanket fort you can and snuggle up inside with your lover, your bestie, or a furry friend.

 Organise a mini salon. Invite a group of friends over and have everyone read their favourite poem or a piece of their own writing.

 Smudge your house with Californian sage to make sure there's no bad energy lingering in 2015.

 Spend time talking about your hopes and dreams with your loved ones and then send your wishes into the sky in a paper lantern.

 Host a murder mystery party.

 Wear that really glittery ridiculous thing you bought but haven't had a reason to wear.

 Have the ultimate sleepover complete with cheesy high school movies, tons of snacks, mini makeovers, and all of your best friends.

 Twirl around your dance floor - or your living room - in your fanciest dress.

 Take a long, luxurious bubble bath and at midnight, slip under the water and feel yourself renewed.

 Start a flash mob in your local pub.

 Perform a Despacheo Ceremony and focus on everything you want to attract into your life this year.

 Grab a group of  your artsiest friends and spend the night making stencils with positive messages on them. Spend New Year's Day spraying them around your neighbourhood with colourful paint.

 Write a letter to yourself about your dreams and ambitions for the year. Put it in an envelope to open next NYE.

 Play board games all night and serve nothing but breakfast foods.

 Have a Disney movie marathon.

 Host a staring contest.

Do you have any plans for NYE? I'd love to hear!