The First Step Forward.

Do you ever get frustrated that the people you love seem to hold themselves back? The next step forward seems so simple and obvious to you, so what the heck is stopping them?

You know your best friend is capable of all of the dazzling dreams she’s always talking about if she’d only take that next step …whether it’s enrolling in a class, getting her butt off the couch, or properly saving money. Instead it seems like she’s constantly sabotaging herself.

But sometimes the obvious next step isn’t the necessary one.

Because making our dreams come true requires two prerequisites: clarity and self-love.

We need to be really clear on what it is we really want and what it will take to get there.

We need to sit down and ask ourselves, what makes us happy? Where is our genius zone? Why do we want what we want? Are we willing to make the sacrifices it will take to get there? Does our lifestyle support our dreams?

This takes a lot of soul searching and self-awareness and sometimes we need the perspective of a coach, a course, or a wise friend to help us figure it all out.

But we can create all of the action plans, SMART goals, and to-do lists we want. Yet if we don’t fully love ourselves, self-sabotage will remain our raison d'être. Self-loathing will rule our minds and our fears will be in the driver’s seat. Even if we know what we need to do, we’ll find excuses not to go after our dreams.

That’s why I created Romance Yourself. Each day you’ll have a daily practice for falling in love with yourself. But we’ll also get clear on what’s holding you back so that you can start tearing down your fears, get the clarity you’re searching for, and step into the life you’re dreaming of.

When you love yourself, you take real responsibility for your life. You gain the confidence to go after what you want because you truly know that you deserve it.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll never be afraid again. But you’ll chip away at your limiting beliefs so that they no longer shape your reality. Instead you can see fear as a sign that you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone into that place where all of the most amazing things happen. And you’ll cultivate the bravery you need for all of the next steps in front of you.

Facing our fears and loving ourselves is a lifelong journey and no two paths are the same. That’s why Romance Yourself is one part daily action plan and one part adventure in self-exploration.

The program launches officially launches on Sunday, but I’m offering the opportunity to pre-order at a special introductory rate. Normally the course will cost £23, but if you order by midnight EST on Saturday January 10, you can get the whole thing for £17, plus you'll get access to a private Facebook group with bonus content and a community of amazing babes.

If you’re interested, you can find out all about the course and sign up over here.

Ultimately, any self-love journey begins with learning to trust yourself and taking a leap into the unknown. Find a way to move forward that feels right for you. Maybe that will mean romancing yourself with me and maybe not.

Either way, I encourage you to spend some time today thinking about what's been holding you back. What limiting beliefs are looping through your mind? What fears come up when you think about living the life you truly want? What can you do today to begin busting through these blocks and start loving yourself?

Maybe it's enrolling in an ecourse, signing up with a coach, reading a book, or creating a daily practice. Whatever it is, just make sure it feels good for you - even if it scares you. Just take one tiny step forward.

You've got this!

Photograph by Krist Papas.