5 Podcasts for a More Fabulous Life.

Don't you love how your favourite song can pump you up, shake off a bad mood, and leave you feeling inspired with just one listen? Lately I've been feeling the same way about podcasts.

I had the same iPhone 4 for four years and to say it was beginning to lose its power is an understatement. Plus any time I needed to do an update, I'd have to clear off photos and music to make room for it. Trying to subscribe to a podcast just became a burden. So since getting my iPhone 6 a couple of weeks ago, I've been binge listening to all of my favourite podcasts and discovering some new ones.

I love that my walks to work and commutes around town can now have an extra dose of inspiration, education, or pure entertainment. Which has inspired this mini series all about my favourite podcasts for enhancing different areas of my life.

First up, here are 5 podcasts that will help you live more fabulously.

The Heatley Cliff

Each week Amy Foster and Sheryl Zetner take you to their imaginary manor house to gossip about their celebrity staff and knatter about their latest obsessions. They've created their version of a modern-day salon whilst discussing books, pop culture, fashion, knitting, and whatever's in the latest issue of The Lady.

The High Tea Cast

The High Tea Cast was created by Sam Sparrow and Lea Rice for "women who don't give a..." Listening to their podcast is like sitting down with a couple of good friends for a gossip.  They interview interesting characters, offer advice on living an awesome life, and talk about everything from feminism to London's best cake shops.


The creation of my friends Xandra and Caroline, Fabulositea is all about what YOU bring to the tea party. Infused with Xandra's sparkly minimalism and Caroline's old school Hollywood glamour, each episode will help you make a different area of your life infinitely more fabulous. Although the show is currently on hiatus, listening to their archives will offer glitter-infused advice on everything from creating your own mythology to taking the world's best bath.

The Lively Show

Jess Lively is an online teacher and writer who helps people transform their lives through values-based intentions. Her show offers mini tips on living intentionally, such as how to an accountability partner or managing overwhelm. She also posts longer episodes, where she interviews experts on everything from wellness and business to relationships and style. I love that Jess's optimism and bubbly personality infuses everything she does, which makes her podcast really uplifting to listen to.

The No BS Guide to Life

This podcast is the latest addition to the online empire of Bangs and a Bun. I've long been inspired by her no-nonsense advice on creating the life you want and her podcast does not disappoint. So far she's discussed how to grab your life by the balls and why there's more to online lives than just numbers. Although the podcast is new, I know we can look forward to inspiring content from Bangs each week.

Now it's your turn: let me know what fabulous podcasts I should subscribe to!


Photograph via Kaboom Pics.