9 Podcasts for Badass Business Babes.

I'm glad that so many people enjoyed my post on podcasts to listen to for a more fabulous life. Today I wanted to share more of my favourite podcasts, which are all perfect for the badass business babes out there. And while they're mostly aimed at solopreneurs, small business owners, creatives, and makers, I think anyone who wants to feel more inspired in their job or give their career boost will get a lot out of them. Plus, much of the advice they contain could be put to good use in other areas of our lives as well.

Being Boss
Being Boss is a new podcasts for creative entrepreneurs, created by Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography and Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative. Each week they discuss a different aspect of running a successful small business, from getting it off the ground to staying happy and motivated. I love how honest they are about their own experiences and their no-nonsense advice that always comes back to doing the work.

Passion Junkies
Passion Junkies is hosted by my amazing friend Fab and each week she interviews a different small business owner or wellness entrepreneur. While their conversations aren't always business focused, there's so much to be learned from how these women are making a living out of their passions. Plus you'll pick up lots of tips for living a more interesting, well-rounded life along the way.

Off the Charts 
These bite-sized podcasts from Nathalie Lussier are jam packed with useful, actionable ways to make your business better. This might mean preparing a launch plan or finding your voice when writing. Whatever she talks about, Nathalie makes it practical, useful, and fun. And she manages to deliver all of the info in five minutes or less.

After the Jump
Grace Bonney is the wonderwoman behind design*sponge and in this podcast she interviews designers, store-owners, and up-and-coming members of the creative community. Although I'm none of those things, I love learning about their working styles and how they overcome the challenges they face as makers and entrepreneurs. Plus there is lots of transferrable information, such as changing pay rates, the future of print magazines, and tips for being more productive.

The James Altucher Show
Considering how many times I've linked to his posts on becoming an idea machine and creating a daily practice, it's probably no surprise that I'm a big James Altucher fan. On his podcast he interviews the people he finds interesting and inspiring, with guests ranging from Tony Robbins to Amanda Palmer. He's excellent at getting people to dig deep and getting to the bottom of what makes them tick. And when you're starting out in business, I think it's an excellent idea to find people who you'd like to emulate and figure out what makes them so successful, which you'll get a heavy dose of from James's show.

The Lifestyle Architects
This podcast is hosted by Navid Moazzez and each week he interviews a lifestyle entrepreneur - someone who has created a business that supports their ideal lifestyle. It's perfect for anyone who wants to become an expert in their field and build a powerful online brand. Plus there are lots of practical tips that you can start implementing right away.

Eventual Millionaire
Eventual Millionaire is a podcast hosted by business coach Jamie Tardy. Each week she talks with a different millionaire, helping you to learn their tactics for growing a business. And in the process she shows that millionaires are just people like the rest of us. They experience fear. They fail. But they have big dreams and they keep moving forward anyway. This is definitely a great podcast to check out for some serious inspiration.

The School of Greatness 
Host Lewis Howes isn't just about making the big bucks - he wants to help his listeners create an epic life that they absolutely love. Each week he shares inspiring stories from amazing business people, athletes, and celebrities. This podcast will help you be great in business, but also in life.

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. Tiffany Han's blog is one of my favourites, so it's not a big surprise that I love her podcast as well. The tagline of her show is "The creative adventures of extra-ordinary people" and that really sums it up. Tiffany is pulling back the curtain on what it means to be creative and live a creative life. The podcast is full of inspiration and practical advice and I highly recommend you add it to your subscription list right now.

Alright, over to you: what business podcasts should I check out?

With stars in my eyes,