Live an Inspired Life.


To me, living an inspired life is not about waiting for the creative muses to strike but rather filling your life with so many things that thrill, challenge, and nourish you, that you can't help but feel inspired. It's all about the choices you make - from how you choose to structure your day-to-day routines to the grand adventures you decide to undertake. When we become the conscious creators of our own lives, we can bring our visions of the world to life and we end up inspiring others to do the same. I was honoured when Jessica asked to feature me in her Inspiration Warriors series. If you hop over to her blog today I'm chatting about starting your self-love journey, staying sane when you have a million things on the go, and what I learned from moving to a new country. Jessica is fantastic at asking interesting, probing questions so I highly recommend digging into her archives and reading about the other fabulous ladies she's featured.

And I'm also excited to announce the Treat Yo'Self Giveaway winner. Jemma is such a gorgeous women with a really fun, creative blog. I'm so excited to be sending this little box of goodies to her in hopes that they bring a smile to her face.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I'll be sure to put together another prize pack again soon.

Love, rainbow sprinkles, & heart-shaped crystals,