Savvy Spender: Find the Best Deal with Beat My Price.

I’ve always been pretty good at stretching a dollar. When my parents would give my brother and I money to spend on vacation I’d always save mine to spend on the very last day after carefully surveying all of the options, whereas Heath usually spent all of his right out of the gate. Once when my dad gave me some money to buy a new pair of shoes for our holiday my grandma joked that, knowing me, I’d probably find a sale and manage to buy two pairs with the money. I bought three. 

I’m glad that my post on creating a champagne life on a lemonade budget resonated with so many people. With an intentional approach to spending and a bit of know-how, you really don’t need a lot of money to live a life that’s full of luxury, adventure, and fun. So I thought I’d start a new series of posts to share practical ways that you can make the most of your cash by bargain hunting, budgeting creatively, and making your own. 

I hate paying full price for anything. I’m constantly scouring the sale racks and before I make any online purchase, I do a quick Google search for a promo code. But it’s so annoying to later find out that it’s available for a lower price or even on sale on another website. 

Enter Beat My Price - anew bespoke shopping service that allows you to find the best deals on almost any products, from homewares and tech gadgets to fashion and entertainment. 

You set up a search on the Beat My Price website by entering the URL of the item you want to buy. Within 48 hours you’ll get an email from them letting you know whether they were able to find a better price for you. And because this is a personalised deal for you (usually a discount up to 10% off but sometimes more), you’ll have a limited amount of time (generally 24 hours) to take advantage of it.   Because we’ve just moved house, I used Beat My Price to look for a few household items. You can have up to five price searches on the go at once so I looked up a schmancy blender, coffee grinder, chef’s knife, rubbish bin (the glamour!), and Instax camera that were all on our wish list - okay, the Instax camera is just on my list and has nothing to do with our new flat. 

Within an hour Beat My Price deals started rolling into my inbox and in less than 12 hours, all 5 had turned up. In the case of the blender and the chef’s knife, the service couldn’t find a better deal so I could make my purchases knowing I was getting the best price on the Internet (can I get a hell yeah?!) 

The other three items came back with discounts ranging from 7.8% to 13% less than the prices I found, which I was quite impressed by. And the e-mails make it easy to click and purchase the products directly. 

 For any savvy bargain hunters and avid online shoppers looking to save a penny without the need for neurotic Googling, I’d definitely recommend using the new Beat My Price website. 

And if you decide to give it a go, be sure to leave a comment and let us all know about the great deals you find! 

Love, honeysuckle tea, & fists full of flowers.