Join Us in Girl Gang HQ!

The Punk Rock Personal Development podcast is allowing me to start powerful conversations that go beyond self-help jargon and theory. We're diving deep into people's shadows, the resistance they've overcome to get where they are, what's working for them, and the nitty gritty of how they live with passion and purpose. I want to open up these conversations and create a sisterhood where we can let it all hang out. A space where we can ask for support and advice without judgment. To share the crazy techniques and experiments we're implementing with people who get it.

That's why I created Girl Gang HQ.

It's a private Facebook group where we can talk about ALL of this stuff. I'm thinking of it as a virtual slumber party for babes who approach personal development with a wild and authentic heart. Maybe you collect crystals but aren't sure about their "energetic" powers or get squeamish around the word God but consider yourself spiritual. This is a space to have open and supportive conversations and I'm so excited to watch this community grow.

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