I Wrote a New Ebook: Self-Love During Stressful Times is Here!

A few weeks ago I hosted a free online workshop about how to maintain and even amp up our self-love when life is busy and stressful. When we're focused on getting ready for the holidays, going balls to the wall on a big deadline, or experiencing some sort of difficulty, it's easy to let our self-care fall by the wayside and get bogged down in feelings of not being good enough. But these are the time when we most need to wrap ourselves up in love and adoration - and that's totally possible.

The workshop was such a great opportunity to chat with a lot of you and share my top tips, strategies, practices, and exercises for taking care of and loving ourselves during life's stressful, hectic periods. But sharing this information with you made me want to dive even deeper into the topic than a single hour could allow. So I've rolled all of that content into a 30-page ebook that covers everything I talked about in the webinar in greater detail, as well as some other strategies that I didn't have time to get to.

It includes simple practices that only take a couple of minutes to implement, as well as easy exercises you can use to prepare for any stressful situations you might be anticipating (going home for the holidays, anyone?!)

For me, self-love means treating myself with loving kindness, meeting my needs, and infusing my life with joy, much the way I would with a friend, lover, or family member. 

But it’s different in that ultimately, we need to put ourselves first. This can be a difficult concept for many of us as we’ve been trained to prioritize the needs of others and it’s engrained in us that being selfless is a noble virtue. Our very identity as a person, and most especially as a woman, can be completely caught up in this idea of being the nurturer. Of putting others first. 

But if you’re reading this, I trust that you already understand the importance of self-love. Of putting on your oxygen mask first. Of giving form your overflow. 

And yet, it can be so difficult to live from this place of self-love. Especially when life gets busy and stressful, taking care of ourselves is often the first thing we forget about. 

Yet we don't start treating our friends and family members horribly during those more challenging times. We still take time to nurture our relationships. Even if we don't have time for long, leisurely dinners and hang outs. I make sure to kiss my husband everyday and tell him that I love him, no matter how full my to-do list is or how anxious and stressed out I feel. I nurture my relationships every day because they’re important to me and that’s what it takes for them to thrive. 

In this ebook I’m going to share with you some ideas, tools, practices, and mindset shifts that you can use to treat yourself with loving kindness and amp up your self-love, even when life is moving at a mile a minute. 

This ebook is for you if:

  • You find it difficult to be kind to yourself when life gets stressful 
  • Your daily practice is the first thing to fall by the wayside when you’re busy 
  • You’re struggling to create a daily practice in the first place 

I'll be teaching you all about:

  • How to maintain or even amp up your self-love practice when life is moving at a mile a minute
  • Simple strategies for practicing self-love when you feel like you don't have a second to spare
  • Creating an intuitive relationship with self-care, so that even when our schedule is disrupted, we can still take care of our own needs
  • How to manage the difficult emotions that often come up around the holidays while showing ourselves loving kindness
  • Navigating setbacks with love and grace and getting back to our self-love practice when busyness pushes us off kilter

These are the strategies I use myself and it's my hope that they'll be just as transformative for you as they have been for me.

Next week I'm going to be sharing my favourite posts from 2015 but apart from that I'm taking a couple of weeks off to cuddle with my husband, spend time up north with my new family, and gorge myself on chocolate, so there won't be any new podcast episodes until January 8 when I talk to the incredible Kitty Cavalier. But I hope you'll pour through the archives and find some inspiration from these incredible women as you start preparing for the new year. Are you creating any resolutions or making plans for 2016? I'd love to hear!

Merry Christmas, kittens!