Welcome to SarahStarrs.com!

Welcome to SarahStarrs.com!

If you've been a long-time reader of my former blog, The Laughing Medusa, I hope you'll enjoy settling into my new online home. If you were already following my blog on Bloglovin', don't worry - their support team will be switching you over to this RSS feed so that you can stay up to date with all of my new posts.

There are still a few bugs to work out: broken links in old posts, images showing up with their filenames underneath, and signatures in wonky places. I hope to have all of that fixed up this week, so if you see anything strange, please let me know.

Although I'd originally planned to transfer all of my old content to this site, I decided it made the most sense to only import the content that directly relates to what I'll be writing about and the work that I do. That way this site only contains the best of the best. But you can still comb through The Laughing Medusa archives and read all of my old posts over there.

From here on out you can expect a new post from me every Monday. These will be epic, in-depth, mini guides relating to loving yourself, designing a life you adore, and making your dreams come true. By embracing slow blogging I'm going to produce fewer posts so that each one is more helpful, meaningful, and engaging.

But if you're worried that you're going to miss all of the other stuff, never fear: I'll still be sharing these pieces of myself on different parts of the interwebs. I'll be photographing my daily adventures and wacky sartorial choices on Instagram. You can find my favourite recipes, tattoo artists, and the things that are inspiring me on Pinterest. I'll be broadcasting on Periscope to share my insights as an expat, updates on my birthday list, and a few of my favourite self-love rituals (my user name is @sarahstarrs_). And as always, I'll be available to chat on Twitter where I love sharing the best things I've found online lately.

Along with my new slow blogging approach, I'm no longer accepting sponsored posts, advertising, items to review, or participating in affiliate programs - at least not right now. This is mostly to give myself space to focus on creating better content and offerings. I have so many projects I want to delve into and I want to give them my all. Getting free stuff and working with brands sounds like the glamourous side of blogging but if I'm honest, it had become stressful and I felt pulled away from the work I'm most passionate about. Ultimately these revenue streams just don't feel aligned with my values and intentions for this space.

I'll also be transforming my Inspiration Interview series into a project I'm very excited about: The Punk Rock Personal Development Podcast. From late August you'll be able to look forward to a new episode every week. I'll be talking to some really amazing guests about the practical tools, mindsets, and habits they use to embrace self-love, go after their dreams, and live life on purpose. We'll be delving deep into the struggles they've faced and how they're overcoming them. This won't be vague theories or new age mumbo jumbo (even if we do embrace a bit of woo woo every now and then!) I want to talk about the real things that are working for people so that you can get an inside look at how they're designing their lives.

Through this new platform I'll be releasing some exciting new offerings. First up are the Daydream Activation sessions. Through these one-to-one coaching calls I'll work with you to identify exactly what's holding you back from achieving your dream and I'll teach you strategies to overcome it. Then we'll work together to create a detailed action plan so you know what to do every step of the way. Does this sound like something you're longing for? Hop over here to get all of the details.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new website. Thank you so much for supporting this new part of my journey.

Love always,