The Daydream Revolution is here!

I'm so excited because this week I'm ready to share two exciting projects with you!

The Punk Rock Personal Development podcast launches on Friday. There will be three episodes available to download on iTunes, featuring 3 incredible guests: Francesca Lia Block, Veronica Varlow, and Mariah Coz!

Punk Rock Personal Development, a podcast about getting your shit together and creating a life you love. I'm your host Sarah Starrs and every week I speak to inspiring badasses about the nitty gritty of how they live with passion and purpose. My guests and I might embrace a bit of woo woo every now and again but we also get really honest about what it takes to grapple with your demons, transform your life, truly accept yourself, and strike out in the direction of your dreams. Because personal development only works if you do; that's what's so punk rock about it. I'm SO excited for you to listen to it.

I'll pop back with a post on Friday to post all of the details of the first episodes and how you can subscribe.

And TODAY The Daydream Revolution is here!

You might remember that this time last year I announced that I was writing an ebook: a guide to dreaming wildly and making your most radical wishes come true.

But as I wrote this book, it grew and grew. I realized that in order to make big things happen, we need to figure out the external work of budgets and actions steps, but we also need to do the internal work to tackle your fears and overcome resistance. That's the magical combination!

Along the way, I realized that this was bigger than an ebook. I wanted to create the community and one-to-one support that will allow people to make their dreams come true. And so this 8-week ecourse was born.

I've poured into The Daydream Revolutions all of the strategies, tools, and mindsets that I use to achieve my goals and design a life I love.

This is for you if there's a big dream that you can't stop thinking, talking, and obsessing about.

Whether it's moving across the world, launching your dream career, or finally starting that creative project, this dream has you completely enraptured. It lights you up and sends tingles down your spine. It's the thing you desperately want to do be doing and yet you can never seem to get started. Instead your mind seems to be on an endless loop of self-doubt and uncertainty.

What if I'm not ready?

How would I know where to begin?

Could I ever really afford it?

Do I even have what it takes?


Let's stop the madness and make shit happen!

In this 8-week course I'll teach you how to break your bigger-than-life dream into bite-sized pieces, move past even the biggest financial hurdles, overcome resistance, tackle your fears, and really make this thing happen. You can apply these strategies again and again to bring each of your dreams to life.

When you join The Daydream Revolution, you'll get:

  • 8 weeks of guided, step-by-step lessons that will teach you to overcome resistance, tackle your fears, and drag your big dream into reality
  • lessons, video content, and worksheets to lead you through each of the 8 modules
  • a step-by-step process for mapping out an action plan that will bring your dream to life and figuring out how to afford your goal, even in you aren't earning any extra income right now
  • the motivation and productivity techniques that I use when working towards any big goal
  • swipe copy for reaching out to the key people that can help you make this big dream happen
  • a live 24/7 group chat with the other members and Sarah, so that you can receive personalized feedback and support
  • lifetime access to the course. You'll be able to take it again each time it's offered and get access to any new content or bonuses.

At the end of the course you'll:

  • walk away with a detailed action plan that will lead you to achieve your dream one manageable step at a time
  • know exactly how you're going to afford your dream - even if you aren't bringing in any extra income right now
  • have the tools and strategies to keep going in the face of your fears and stay inspired when the going gets tough
  • have new friends and accountability buddies who will keep cheering you on!

Class starts on 5 October and registration is now open!

Get all of the details of what's involved and find out what people are saying about my work right here.

And tell me: what's the big dream you can't get out of your head? I can't wait to help you make it come true!

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