Win The Daydream Revolution Passion Planner Bundle valued at $200!

Today I want to celebrate with a giveaway!

Last week was a big one for me as I revealed The Daydream Revolution ecourse and I launched my podcast! I actually hit a little bit of a snafu. My podcast tagline is "Get your shit together and create a life you love" but I didn't realize that iTunes doesn't allow explicit language in titles or subtitles. So I've resubmitted with a more PG tagline. Until then, you can stream the first three episodes directly from my website and I'll be sure to post as soon as the show is available on iTunes. 

Still totally celebration-worthy, I think!

With those two steps I lept far out of my comfort zone and came even closer to bringing my big dreams to life. Thank you to everyone who's been downloading and listening and leaving comments about the show, and to those who have already signed up for the course. I have so much love for every one of you!

A dream without action is just a fantasy, a wish, a nagging thought that stays locked in your mind.

But when the thing we're dreaming of is so big or so out of our comfort zone, we often don't know where to begin. We need a plan to lead us and then we need to follow through with consistent action in order to really make big things happen.

I don't know about you, but it can be a bit of a juggling act keeping all of my projects going.

So when I find a tool that makes it easy to map out my dream and then follow through on each step, it's love at first sight.

That's how I felt about Passion Planner.

Passion Planner helps you break down your long-term goals into actionable steps and then incorporate them into your daily life through weekly planning sessions and monthly reflections.

In a sense, it consolidated the systems I was already using in one place and gave me enough room to work on all of my dreams, both business and personal. It even has space for making lists, expressing gratitude, brainstorming, and doodling. And every page is peppered with encouraging words and inspiring quotes. They call it a "life coach that fits in your backpack!"

Since The Daydream Revolution is all about making your big dream achievable and affordable, a Passion Planner giveaway seemed like the perfect celebration! One lucky winner will win a spot in The Daydream Revolution, a 2015-2016 Academic Passion Planner, rainbow post-it notes, stickers, a fun notebook, highlighters, and colourful pens - everything you need to map out your dream and make it happen, in style!

And don't worry if you've already registered in the course. If you win, you'll receive a full refund.

Just pop your email address into the widget below or hop over here to enter. All you have to do is enter your email address & you're in! When you do, you'll get a unique referral link and everyone who enters using your link will earn you 5 additional entries. So tweet, pin, & share away!

The contest runs until 30 August and one lucky kitten will be chosen the following day.

Good luck, darlings!

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