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When it comes to achieving your goals and living your dreams, do you ever feel like you don't know where to begin?

I want to change that and set you on a path of making big things happen!

Over the years I've become an expert dream wrangler. I've started magazines, traveled the world, move to a new country, launched businesses, and created a life that reflects my dreams.

But before that I was constantly fumbling and I was ruled by my fears. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure things out or doing things that didn't really work. I was lost in a sea of productivity strategies and goal setting methods and I was always slapping my head in frustration when I realized that I'd gone about things in completely the wrong order.

Can you relate?

Dream wrangling is about doing the external AND internal work to make your dreams come true with joy and ease.

The intention setting and action you take is definitely important, but we also need to tackle our fears and overcome resistance if we're going to stay motivated and see these things through.

I'm going to teach you about both of these components in my free 7-Day Dream Wrangler Video Training. Each lessons comes with exercises and worksheets to help you apply what you've learned.

We'll talk about:

  • getting really clear on what you want
  • how to create a detailed action plan of your dream
  • the one thing you need to stop doing if you're going to afford your dream
  • simple ways to make time for your dream
  • how to manage (and even make friends with!) your inner critic
  • designing a lifestyle that supports your dream
  • a planning and reflection ritual that will help you move forward with any goal

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