Your life can be fantastical!

We dream of receiving our Hogwarts letter. Of doing a reverse Little Mermaid and giving up our legs for a shimmering tail, so that we can swim through the sea. Of soaring through the sky in a flying car or on our own feathered wings. Of sitting down for tea in a palace with our handsome prince.

Fiction has the ability to capture our hearts, ensnare our minds, and shape our fantasies.

And of course there's value in the pure escapism of fantasy. Of the stories that serve to take us for another place for a little while. A place that is so unlike our real lives that it serves as a mini vacation. A place to refresh and recharge.

But there are other fantasies that fiction can offer, which are linked to our deepest desires. They speak to who we'd like to be, how we'd like to live, the places we'd like to live, and the dreams that are buried deep within our hearts.

We don't recognize them as such because it's all so impossible isn't it? The mermaids and unicorns don't materialize. None of us got picked for our wizarding training. And the future is here without flying cars or robots to clean our homes.

But there’s never been a better time to be a dreamer. All around the world, people are defying convention and living fantastical lives that sound like the plot lines of wonderful novels.

This couple has a unicorn with a technicolored mane and bejeweled halter that lives in their house with them.

By day, Eveleena is a princess who wears an actual tiara, drinks from a goblet, and holds court at the castle of Medieval Times. By night, she's the femme fatale ringleader of Les Vixens - a post modern burlesque and gogo experience that brings fantasies to life on stage in their performances around the USA. She’s pure proof that fantasies can co-exist with reality and that we don’t have to exclusively choose one side of ourselves while we revel in our daydreams.

There's a couple in Washington State who live like it's Victorian times, right down to writing with a fountain pen they fill with an eyedropper and using an antique rotary egg beater.

There are mermaid schools around the world (here's one in the UK and one in Canada) and professional performers get paid up to $250 an hour to swim around combing their hair wish shells and flicking their brightly coloured tails.

Then there are those slightly more down-to-earth dreamers. The digital nomads who travel for months at a time. The perfectly coiffed pinup who always dresses in head-to-toe vintage as she flits about her busy, urban life. The idealists building tiny homes that look like something straight out of The Hobbit. The entrepreneurs who create online courses that bring their favourite fictional worlds to life. The romantics who are restoring French chateaus back to their former glory. The rock n rollers who are bringing their craziest dreams to life on the silver screen.

This is all to say: your wildest wishes are possible. Your whirling dervish dreams and deepest longings can have a place outside the pages. It might take a lot of creativity and innovation but if you listen to the whispers of your fantasies, you can let them lead you to magical new places and shape your life accordingly.

And you get to choose what fantastical looks like for you. This isn't an all-or-nothing game. Whether you desire an extreme, all-encompassing lifestyle or a series of small, dreamy elements incorporated into your everyday.

If you daydream about the refinement and chivalry of regency England, you could keep it as simple as wearing vintage nightgowns to bed and only drinking out of fancy teacups.

If you yearn for the glitz and glamour of the 1920s, you could give up mascara in favour of false eyelashes or take a swing dance class.

If you fantasize about an idyllic life in the country but don’t want to give up your fast-paced life in the city, you could grow your own food on an allotment or dedicate every Sunday to spending time in nature.

If your mind’s a tilt-a-whirl of futuristic technology and space age living, you could decorate your bathroom to look like the inside of a rocketship or start studying robotics.

If your favourite escape is getting lost in a fantasy novel, you could take up cosplaying or transform your bedroom into a fantastical haven.

Last week I became obsessed with this idea of living our fantasies. Of making extreme, sweeping changes or teeny tiny shifts in order to actualize our daydreams.

So I scribbled and scribbled and I created this free workbook: Fantasize: A Guide to Making Your Most Radical Wishes Come True

It’s a combination of notes from my journal, so you can see my own process with this work; mini lessons and worksheets to get your mind to the place where fantasy and reality meet. You can download it by entering your e-mail address below.

But until then, I'd love to know: what would you do if you knew you could bring any of your dreams to life with joy and ease? What fantasies would you choose to live?

Sending you lovebeams across cyberspace!

Live Your Fantasies!

Click below to get the free guide to making your most radical wishes come true, complete with worksheets and notes straight from my journal.

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