15 Punk Rock Lyrics to Replace Your Affirmations With.

I love a good affirmation; in fact they’re playing an integral role in the healing journey I’m on. But I do get why they sometimes have a bad rep (which is why I wrote this guide to creating powerful affirmations that actually work).

And for some people, typical affirmations are just too …wishy washy. “I truly and completely love and accept myself” or “Everything I need is on its way to me” just don’t have enough edge for them.

Which is where this post comes in.

I’m sure it’s no surprise, given the name of my podcast, that punk rock music has a special place in my heart. My teenaged years were spent with a foot-high, technicolored mohawk, slamming around in mosh pits. 

And while my younger self would think I’m totally boring and lame now (you’ll likely find me at the back of the crowd and in bed by a reasonable hour), it’s still one of my favourite genres.

So just for fun, here are some punk rock lyrics to replace the affirmations in all areas of your life. Scribble them in your notebook, dance ‘em out in your kitchen, or recite them every morning traditional affirmation-style.


To remember that feeling good is the primary intention…

“I believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure, babe.”
I Like Fucking - Bikini Kill


For being true to yourself…

“You gotta stick together
with who you are and who you know
You gotta remember
Where you've been and where you wanna go”
Doing Time - MxPx


For honouring your voice…

“My right to say what I want
And think the way I wanna think
My right I wanna speak my mind
My right to yell my right to scream
My right no one's ever gonna
Tell me what I have to do
I'll live the way I want”
My Right - Screeching Weasel


For standing in your power…

“And if I'm acting like a king
Well, that's cause I'm a human being
And if I want too many things
Don't you know that I'm a human being
And if I've got to dream
Baby baby baby yeah I'm a human being”
Human Being - The New York Dolls


For celebrating life’s messy glory…

“It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right,
I hope you had the time of your life.”
Good Riddance - Green Day


For taking radical responsibility…

“But don't let heroes get your kicks for you
It's up to you and no-one else
Try and take control of it
Cos what you see is what you get
Try and take control of it
And you'll see
Don't wanna be nobody's hero
Get up get out be what you are”
Nobody’s Hero - Stiff Little Fingers


For doing your own thing…

“Do what you wanna do
Say what you wanna say
Be what you wanna be
It don't matter what they say”
Be What You Want - Total Chaos

“I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation
You're living in the past, it's a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do”
Bad Reputation - Joan Jett


For being resilient…

“I've been beat up, I've been thrown
Out but I'm not down, I'm not down
I've been shown up, but I've grown up
And I'm not down, I'm not down”
I’m Not Down - The Clash

“We are born with a chance
Rise above! We're gonna rise above!
I am gonna have my chance
Rise above! We're gonna rise above!”
Rise Above - Black Flag


For living with intention…

“I wanna live selfless
Instead of just floating by
Living every day like its my last
I can catch up on my sleep when I die”
Selfless - New Found Glory


For attracting your tribe…

“When she talks, I hear the revolution
In her hips, there's revolutions
When she walks, the revolution's coming
In her kiss, I taste the revolution!”
Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill


For an abundant money mindset…

“I want to be a star, I'm going to have a car
And you'll have to admit, I'll be rich as shit
I'll just sit and grin, the money will roll right in”
The Money Will Roll Right In - Nirvana
(I know, I know, not technically punk rock but I felt like they deserved a mention too)


For standing up for yourself in relationships…

“I won't settle, settle, settle
You are never gonna hold me down”
The Best Thing (That Never Happened) - We Are the In Crowd


Let us know in the comments: what songs or lyrics inspire you to be your best self?