Sparking creativity, honest conversations about mental health, & exploring your spirituality on Punk Rock Personal Development

If you listened to last week's podcast episode, you'll know that the show is currently on a 6-week break and it's coming back on the 22nd of July with a brand new look and name (but the same great format and content!)

In the meantime, this is a great chance to re-listen to your favourite guests or catch up on any interviews you haven't had a chance to check out yet.

After nearly a year of PRPD, there are so many great episodes in the archives and I've compiled a couple of posts to recap past episodes categorized based on what mood you’re in, situations you’re working through, or themes you’re exploring in your own life.

If your dreams feel larger than life…

Being a multipotentialite & the truth about lifestyle design with Meg Kissack

Epic dream chasing, healing from trauma, & getting real about money with Heather Jabornik

Gaining focus, making a living from your passions, & getting shit done with Mariah Coz


If you’re having a bad day…

Being a daymaker, reclaiming a bad day, & emptying the tank with Alexandra Franzen

Designing your life in 2016, "having it all," & meditating in hotel bars with Jen Dziura


If you’re feeling stuck…

Why entrepreneurship isn't for everyone & the personal development of yoga with Ashley Wilhite

Redefining self-care, prioritizing yourself, & setting healthy boundaries with Ana Ottman

Getting clear on your desires and how you want to feel: a mini Desire Map workshop with Louise George

Being a misfit, creating personal transformation, & cultivating a positive body image with Ebonie Allard

Surrender, loving yourself with chronic illness, & tapping into your intuition with Louise Androlia


If you want to spark your creativity…

Being an artist, living your values, & creating awesome zines with Aurora Lady

Finding yourself through writing, the art of becoming, & cultivating self-acceptance with Laura Jane Williams


If you’re exploring your spirituality…

Creating your own spiritual path, tapping into your soul voice, & practicing self-love with Meggan Watterson

Giving the finger to outspiriting, finding your tribe, & being spiritual online with the #HIGHERSELFIE gals

Embracing your contradictions, living your spirituality, & designing a life you love with Kathleen Shannon

What the *bleep* is A Course in Miracles?! with Elloa Atkinson

What the *bleep* are chakras?! with Kate Taylor


If you’re looking for honest conversations about mental health…

Managing anxiety, challenging mental health stigmas, & finding your personal style with Celia Edell

Navigating mental health challenges, loving yourself, & making the world a more colourful place with Mary England


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