Why I'm quitting coaching + other changes

When I started my self-help cleanse, I was just looking for a bit of mental space. Space to process my thoughts without all of the content I’d consumed crowding out the voice of my intuition.

But the results have been even more profound.

You see, things have been feeling not quite right for a while now. Even though I’ve built a business around my passions and expertise, and worked tirelessly to be able to quit my day job, I had a niggly feeling that something was off.

If I’m honest, I was having a crisis of confidence. I had a lot of negative self-talk questioning who I was to be a coach, to be helping people change their lives. It didn’t matter how many clients or people who had bought my courses contacted me to tell me that our work together had changed their lives in profoundly positive ways, I still like a fraud.

I was working through this with my own coach and recognized that it was actually a repeating pattern in my life. I never felt quite good enough for my dreams.

During my self-help cleanse, I had an epiphany: building my online business had felt like the practical way to make a living from what I love. But it had meant all-but abandoning my one true love.

The thing is, I’m a writer.

But my life had become so full of sales funnels and launch sequences and marketing plans that I was no longer honing my craft. I wasn’t writing the words that wanted to sing from my soul because I couldn’t even hear it on top of everything else.

Let’s be clear, everything I’ve created has come from a place of passion and an earnest desire to help people. But it was taking me away from my main calling: writing.

I want to share less advice and how-tos and write more about the imperfect mess of being human. I want to share the stories of my life not to teach you anything but to show how I’m doing it and you can take from it what you will. I want to write personal essays. I want to write a book. Books, plural, actually.

So I’m making big changes. I’m no longer taking on new coaching clients. I’ll also be taking on some more paid part-time work so that I can focus more freely on my writing and writing what I want without worrying that it has to pay the bills.

And I’ll be retiring my digital products indefinitely on Friday, so if you want to get your hands on them, this is your last chance.

Romance Yourself is a daily practice and adventure in self-exploration designed to help you begin loving yourself. It’s the guiding hand, encouraging voice, and kick in the ass I wish I’d had when I started my self-love journey.

The Daydream Revolution is an 8-week course where I'll teach you how to break your bigger-than-life dream into bite-sized pieces, move past even the biggest financial hurdles, overcome resistance, tackle your fears, and really make this thing happen. You can apply these strategies again and again to bring each of your dreams to life.

Self-Love During Stressful Times is an ebook about navigating busyness & difficult situations with loving kindness for ourselves.

Along with these big changes, the podcast is getting a makeover as well! It’s currently on a 6-week break during which no new episodes will be released.

When it comes back on the 22nd of July, it’ll be with a brand new look and name:

The Girl Gang Conversations

I know a lot of us are attached to the idea of Punk Rock Personal Development and the edgy ethos it embodies. But I worry that it doesn’t fully encapsulate what this show is all about, which is getting away from preachy self-help and spirituality by engaging in conversations about people’s real lives and experiences.

The thing is, your life isn’t something to be fixed because it isn’t broken. In everything I do, I want to show that life isn’t about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance. And I think that the best way to do that is to share stories about the messy, beautiful, heart wrenching truth of being human. Mine and other people’s.

So that’s what you can expect from me. My weekly blog posts will be back from the end of June and new podcast episodes will resume on July 22nd. In the meantime, I’d love to have you join us over in the Girl Gang HQ and hear what you think about all of this!

Change can be scary but these decisions were easy to make because they feel so right. If you’re currently struggling to let something go because you’re scared of the unknown, my wish for you is that you’ll create some space to lean into that uncertainty and do what feels good.

Sending you so much love.