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Your life can be fantastical!

We dream of receiving our Hogwarts letter. Of doing a reverse Little Mermaid and giving up our legs for a shimmering tail, so that we can swim through the sea. Of soaring through the sky in a flying car or on our own feathered wings. Of sitting down for tea in a palace with our handsome prince.

Fiction has the ability to capture our hearts, ensnare our minds, and shape our fantasies.

And of course there's value in the pure escapism of fantasy. Of the stories that serve to take us for another place for a little while. A place that is so unlike our real lives that it serves as a mini vacation. A place to refresh and recharge.

But there are other fantasies that fiction can offer, which are linked to our deepest desires. They speak to who we'd like to be, how we'd like to live, the places we'd like to live, and the dreams that are buried deep within our hearts.

We don't recognize them as such because it's all so impossible isn't it? The mermaids and unicorns don't materialize. None of us got picked for our wizarding training. And the future is here without flying cars or robots to clean our homes.

But there’s never been a better time to be a dreamer. All around the world, people are defying convention and living fantastical lives that sound like the plot lines of wonderful novels.

This couple has a unicorn with a technicolored mane and bejeweled halter that lives in their house with them.

By day, Eveleena is a princess who wears an actual tiara, drinks from a goblet, and holds court at the castle of Medieval Times. By night, she's the femme fatale ringleader of Les Vixens - a post modern burlesque and gogo experience that brings fantasies to life on stage in their performances around the USA. She’s pure proof that fantasies can co-exist with reality and that we don’t have to exclusively choose one side of ourselves while we revel in our daydreams.

There's a couple in Washington State who live like it's Victorian times, right down to writing with a fountain pen they fill with an eyedropper and using an antique rotary egg beater.

There are mermaid schools around the world (here's one in the UK and one in Canada) and professional performers get paid up to $250 an hour to swim around combing their hair wish shells and flicking their brightly coloured tails.

Then there are those slightly more down-to-earth dreamers. The digital nomads who travel for months at a time. The perfectly coiffed pinup who always dresses in head-to-toe vintage as she flits about her busy, urban life. The idealists building tiny homes that look like something straight out of The Hobbit. The entrepreneurs who create online courses that bring their favourite fictional worlds to life. The romantics who are restoring French chateaus back to their former glory. The rock n rollers who are bringing their craziest dreams to life on the silver screen.

This is all to say: your wildest wishes are possible. Your whirling dervish dreams and deepest longings can have a place outside the pages. It might take a lot of creativity and innovation but if you listen to the whispers of your fantasies, you can let them lead you to magical new places and shape your life accordingly.

And you get to choose what fantastical looks like for you. This isn't an all-or-nothing game. Whether you desire an extreme, all-encompassing lifestyle or a series of small, dreamy elements incorporated into your everyday.

If you daydream about the refinement and chivalry of regency England, you could keep it as simple as wearing vintage nightgowns to bed and only drinking out of fancy teacups.

If you yearn for the glitz and glamour of the 1920s, you could give up mascara in favour of false eyelashes or take a swing dance class.

If you fantasize about an idyllic life in the country but don’t want to give up your fast-paced life in the city, you could grow your own food on an allotment or dedicate every Sunday to spending time in nature.

If your mind’s a tilt-a-whirl of futuristic technology and space age living, you could decorate your bathroom to look like the inside of a rocketship or start studying robotics.

If your favourite escape is getting lost in a fantasy novel, you could take up cosplaying or transform your bedroom into a fantastical haven.

Last week I became obsessed with this idea of living our fantasies. Of making extreme, sweeping changes or teeny tiny shifts in order to actualize our daydreams.

So I scribbled and scribbled and I created this free workbook: Fantasize: A Guide to Making Your Most Radical Wishes Come True

It’s a combination of notes from my journal, so you can see my own process with this work; mini lessons and worksheets to get your mind to the place where fantasy and reality meet. You can download it by entering your e-mail address below.

But until then, I'd love to know: what would you do if you knew you could bring any of your dreams to life with joy and ease? What fantasies would you choose to live?

Sending you lovebeams across cyberspace!

Live Your Fantasies!

Click below to get the free guide to making your most radical wishes come true, complete with worksheets and notes straight from my journal.

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How I Keep on Top of 15 Projects At Once (& You Can Too!)

I've gotten asked quite a few times is how I manage to "do it all." The short answer is: I don't.

But I know that's not what you're really asking. I do manage to juggle a lot. I have a full-time job, a blog, podcast, and business. I create new content every day and I'm always working on new projects and products. I'm also married, have an amazing group of friends, and prioritize making time for myself. I sleep 8 hours a night, have a nourishing daily practice, and cook almost all of my food from scratch. This isn't to brag (although that's good too!), but just to say that I get it if my schedule seems impossible. Sometimes it feels impossible.

But you can do it too.

This year I made a conscious decision that I was going to stop talking about what I wanted and actually do it. No excuses. I was going to intentionally design my days and go balls-to-the-wall after my big dreams. And I now get more done in a day than I used to achieve in a month when it comes to my passion projects and goals.

This isn't magic. It takes hard work, dedication, and determination. But these aren't qualities I always possessed. I learned them. And doing so has massively influenced not only my productivity but also my confidence. I feel so much better about myself being living in alignment with my values and intentions.

Today I'm outlining the strategies and tools I use to juggle 15 projects at once while still having fun, so that you can use them to get more of what you want. Plus I've created a checklist that breaks this all down into easy to follow steps. You can download it at the end of this post.


First Off, I Understand Myself

There are a million strategies and so much conflicting information out there when it comes to goal setting, productivity, and forming habits.

The difficult truth is that there is no one-sized solution or this whole life thing would be a whole lot easier. We'd all know the formula to eat healthfully, work out daily, give up our vices, and make scads of money. But the fact is, what works for one person might not work for us.

That's why it's so important to know how you tick. Your personality will play a big role in terms of what works for you.

Gretchen Ruben has created a metric called The Four Tendencies that divides people into four categories based on our relationship to habits. Of course, none of us will ever fit perfectly into any box but I've found the information that this quiz provides to be extremely useful.

For example, I'm a questioner, which means that I'm working towards a goal or forming a new habit, I need to keep the reasons for doing it very clear in my mind. I need to understand why the strategies I'm using are useful in order to actually apply them.

There are many ways to get to know yourself a little bit better. I'm a big fan of journaling. Take The Four Tendencies quiz and then write about your results. What does this assessment mean for how you should tackle achieving your goals and creating new habits? Think back to a time when you were successful in achieving your goal. What factors helped lead to this success? What about a time when you were unsuccessful?

There are many other personality assessments that are useful for gaining information that will make us more productive and successful. I've included a list of my favourites in the resources list that's available at the end of this post.


I Schedule Everything

What doesn't get scheduled, doesn't get done. It's that simple.

I'm a big fan of lists. They're a great way for me to dump everything onto the page and see what needs to get done.

But lots of people skip the next step: figuring out how long each task will take and when they're going to complete them.

It might surprise you to learn that millionaires don't use to-do lists but this is precisely why. To-do lists don't account for time. They don't clearly distinguish between what's urgent and important. And they actually lead to stress because uncompleted task leads to intrusive, uncontrolled thoughts. A to-do list just becomes an ever-growing mountain of tasks without a clear plan of how to complete them.

This is why I LOVE my Passion Planner It gives me space to break down my goals into the tasks that need to be completed and then schedule them into my week so that I know when I'm going to get them done.

This also helps me stay on track. I do one short planning session per week and then I know what I need to do each day. I don't need to waste time figuring out what to do. I just get on with it.


I Bulk Tasks Together When Possible

Whenever we switch tasks, it takes (on average) 25 minutes for our brain to really get into it. That means that we're more productive when we batch tasks together and complete them in dedicated bursts, rather than repeating the same things each day.

For example, I spend 1-2 hours on Sunday prepping my breakfasts and lunches for the week. Getting this much cooking done in one go saves me time throughout the week and also means that I'm prepared with healthy foods in case things get busier than I expected.

I also use the same strategy for scheduling my social media. I used to piddle around every day looking for content to share and inevitably getting lost in a Twitter/blog hopping hole. By spending 30-60 minutes schedule posts for the entire week, I avoid this and can just spend short spurts of time on social media actually engaging with people every day. This process is made super simple using Buffer's Awesome Plan. I'ma big fan of their service. Similarly, there's Latergramme for editing and writing all of your Instagram posts, and then you'll get a reminder when it's time to click the button and send one out into the world.

This doesn't work for me for every task. For example, I need space to reflect and ruminate on writing projects. I tend to dedicate chunks of time to these every day but leave space in between to allow my ideas to percolate and to get some perspective on what I've written. But for the ones that it does, batching tasks saves a lot of time and is any easy way to be more efficient.


I Have Accountability Partners

Almost all personality types will benefit from having accountability systems in place to keep us on track.

For some of us, we need the external accountability because we struggle with meeting internal expectations.

For some of us, it's enough to set our own expectations but we need a strategy for keeping ourselves accountable, such as using the Seinfeld Method and marking an X on the calendar every day that you stick with it.

For others, it's helps to have someone to check in with, to bounce ideas off of, and to cheerlead us on daysthat we're struggling.

Whatever the reason, telling someone about your goals and asking them to check in with you about your progress is a proven way to help ensure your success.

I have accountability partners for both personal and business dreams. We check in with each other, often daily via email and Facebook, and we'll meet up regularly to discuss how things are going.

If you don't know anyone working on a similar dream as you, try looking in a Facebook group to it.. Or you can use an app like Pact, which will charge you a small fee every time you miss a work out you've scheduled for yourself.

Get the Checklist!

Click below to download  a checklist of my favourite productivity strategies.

I Educate Myself

For a long time, when it came to chasing my dreams, I was basically throwing spaghetti at the wall. I'd try anything I could in hopes that something would stick.

Of course this wasted a lot of time. I was investing myself in strategies that weren't working and I was spending a lot of time researching tactics.

The solution was to take courses that would show me the proven steps I could take that would actually work.

When it comes to my business, the single best investment I've made was in Your First 1K. It laid out exactly what I needed to do in order to grow my audience and start making money from my business. It's taken a lot of work to actually implement all of the information but it told me exactly what I needed to do and in what order, so that I could stop guessing and start getting results.

The key is to find one educationaltool - whether it's a book, or course, or blog post. Fully absorb and implement that information before you move on to another one, otherwise you're still just throwing spaghetti at the wall.


I Say No When I Need (/Want!) To

Part of getting to know yourself requires that you are clear on what you want your life to look like and what your priorities are.

For example, my girl gang is incredibly important to me. They inspire me, push me forward, and fill me up. But I also know that when I have too many social commitments I feel frazzled. I prioritize seeing my girls once or twice a week but I don't usually take on more social commitments than that. I know that when I do, I feel pressed for time, dragged away from my passion projects, and I won't be the best company. I still check in with my friends on the daily, but I'm definitely not going out every night of the week.

Sometimes this means turning down really alluring invites but I make no excuses for it. I simply say, "I don't have time" or "It's really important for me to have some me time that day."

I know that striking this balance is key to my happiness and productivity.

On the other hand, I have some friends who are always out at the best events, trying new restaurants, and generally gallivanting around town. Our priorities are no better or worse than the other's; we're just designing different lives based on what makes us happy. Remember what I said at the beginning: you can't do it all, at least not all of the time.

So get really clear on what you want and what you need to do to attain it. Then prioritize your time accordingly and say no when you need to.

If saying "no" makes you really uncomfortable, Alex Franzen wrote a great article about how to say "no" to everything ever. You can totally do it with grace and kindness!


I Have Places for Ongoing Notes & Brainstorming

Your best ideas are not necessarily going to come up when you sit down to work on a project. They're likely to jump out at you in the shower, when you're taking a walk, during a delicious glass of wine, or when you're doing something completely unrelated. You need to be prepared to capture them.

I love Evernote for this. I have a "notebook" for each of my projects and within each I have lists of ideas, to-do-lists, drafts of articles, resources, research, and anything else I need to keep track of.

Being able to quickly jot down ideas quickly, but they're also fairly well organized when I need to use them for a project.


I Develop Routines & Habits

We are the things that we do consistently. That's why I have routines and habits that support all of my projects.

My morning routine includes exercise, meditation, healthy food, writing, and goal setting. First thing I'm dedicating my time to the things that are important to me. I'm in the routine of writing on my lunch break and prepping my meals every weekend.

My husband and I celebrate "Taco Tuesday" every week. It's a silly way to set aside time for each other and do something we love: try new foods. We're on a mission to experiment with every kind of taco fusion we can dream up and it's a fun part of our week.

Habits and routines remove the choice. Instead of deciding to exercise, write, or take some time for yourself, you just do it.


I Plan & Reflect

I credit my weekly planning and reflection ritual as one of the things that has been most powerful in allowing me to get more done and move forward so much this year.

I've written a full article about this, but put simply: I sit down every week to reflect on what I've done to move closer to my goal, assess what I could have done better, identify what steps I can take the next week that will move me forward the most, and schedule each of them into my calendar.

If you want to download the exact questions I use to reflect and plan my week, you can download them here.

And again, a Passion Planner is the perfect tool for creating this ritual. It leads you through a weekly planning session and there are reflection questions at the end of each month.


I Take Care of Myself

In the hustle and bustle of managing a busy schedule, taking care of ourselves is often the first thing to slip. But when we do this, our well will run dry and we'll find we have nothing left to give.

There are a few foundational habits that will make everything else easier and leave you with the energy and mental clarity you need to be a dream chasing machine. Exercise, a healthy diet, drinking enough water, and getting a good night's sleep are all habits that will set you up for success.

But it's also important to spend some dedicated time on self-care each week. Make sure you actually schedule that shit in and check in with yourself to figure out what you need. Your personal projects and the people around you will all benefit from this.

Phew! I know this sounds like a lot of information and it might make managing your projects seem more overwhelming instead of less. I've broken it all down to a checklist of easy steps and combined it with a list of my favourite tools and resources for getting more done. Just enter your email address below and you'll be able to download it right away.

As simple as it sounds, most of this comes down to getting really clear on your priorities and then acting on them. It's definitely possible to design a life where you get more done while still feeling good. It's about working smarter, not harder and these strategies will help you do just that.

Get the Checklist!

Click below to download  a checklist of my favourite productivity strategies.

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13 Badass Ways to Live More Mindfully, Even if Meditation Isn't for You.

I've written a quick and dirty guide to meditation before and I'm working on a new resource for anyone who wants to learn to meditate. But I know there are other people who have given it a try and it's just not their jam. I heard from one Romance Yourself student that she love, love, loved the course but she just couldn't get into the daily meditation practice.

Until you've settled into a meditation practice for 40 days or so, it's difficult to say that it's definitively not for you. It can take a while to begin quieting our monkey minds and it's easy to get frustrated that we're not "doing it right" (spoiler: you can't "do" meditation wrong).

But Rhi had given meditation her best shot and it just wasn't jiving for her. She was looking for other ways to incorporate mindfulness into her life.

When we live more mindfully it becomes easier to accept things exactly as they are, tap into our intuition, and align ourselves with where we want to go. We begin to quiet our minds, reduce our stress, and gain clarity.

This is for you, Rhi! I've rounded up amazing ideas from some of my favourite people to bring you: 13 badass ways to live more mindfully, without sitting on a meditation cushion.

Plus I wanted to share the ways that I try to live mindfully outside of my meditation practice. I've created a PDF of 30 of my favourite ideas. You can download them at the bottom of this post. They're all tried & tested by me and will allow you to begin living more mindfully today without beginning a meditation practice.

Go for a walk & see the world anew.

Gala Darling presents us with the question: what if a simple walk can change our reality?

And it definitely can. In this article she outlines how walking can be not only a meditation, but a process for infusing our day with magic. By simply challenging ourselves to look at everything as if we're seeing it for the first time and as if it was created just for us, we become completely tuned into the present moment and enchanted with the beauty that's all around us.

I did this recently on my home from work and was delighted to see carved faces above the doors of every house on a street I walk down every day. I'm usually busy listening to a podcast and thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner, so I'd never noticed them before!

I highly recommend reading Gala's description of the exercise and giving it a try today. It's so simple, you can even practice it on your way home from the bus stop!

Chew slowly and eat mindfully

Did you know that for proper digestion we're meant to chew every bite of food 20 times?

I don't know about you but I'm more likely to plow through my meals before moving onto the next thing, which means I'm never getting the full nutritional benefits of what I eat.

But the benefits of eating mindfully aren't only health-related. Slowing down and really focusing on what we're eating allows us to savour each bite, turn mealtimes into a ritual, and really enjoy our food. We end up being satisfied with less because we've taken time to notice and appreciate what we're eating, and because our stomach has time to register that we're full.

I was particularly inspired by this article on Zen Habits that walks through the steps of mindful eating. It's a really comprehensive overview of the "how" and "why" and is definitely worth a read!

Related: I wrote a post about how your diet can be an act of self-love, which you might find interesting.

Ask what lights you up.

We all want to live with more passion and purpose, but how do we actually do that?

Most of the time we're busy with obligations and routines so we don't time to stop and actually notice what it is that we actually want. And the answer might surprise us.

Rebecca Campbell has an incredibly simple tool for getting on the path that's aligned with your heart's desires: simply ask yourself "What lights me up?" and then listen.

But before you give it a try, listen to her video where she shares a story of how she did just this. The answer she got didn't seem to make any sense but when she followed the advice she received it help her transform her life and led to her publishing the book she'd always dreamed of writing.

Loosen the grip of your ego.

Okay, okay, this one IS done on your meditation cushion, or your yoga mat if you prefer. It's a kundalini yoga practice so it's a much more active form of meditation that combines breath work with yoga postures. But I swear, using breath of fire is SO powerful for clearing your mind and creating intense breakthroughs when you're feeling stuck.

Gabrielle Bernstein has a video that will walk you through the ego eradicator - and it only takes 3 minutes, so don't worry about getting bored.

Something about the combination of rapid breathing with the yoga posture really forces your mind off of whatever it's been dwelling on.

Whenever I do it, I feel like there just isn't any room left in my brain for other thoughts. It's like there's this wonderful swooshing sensation clearing my mind like a reset button and afterwards everything feels clearer and calmer.



Click below to download my list of 30 tried & tested ways to live more mindfully (WITHOUT meditating).

Become an idea machine

James Altucher starts each day by writing down 10 ideas. They might be ideas for a business, how to live his life better, how to improve something, or anything else, really. The subject isn't as important as the process of coming up with the ideas. The point isn't even to come up with good ideas. In fact, he admits that most of them will be bad. But the practice has turned him into an idea machine.

It has trained his mind to focus on a problem and not just to come up with a solution, but many solutions.

This is an exercise in mindfulness because it requires complete attention to the task at hand and it cultivates your ability to see possibilities rather than getting caught up in fears and doubt.

James has written a comprehensive article on becoming an idea machine and his wife has written an entire book on the subject!

Cleanse your calendar

Most of us follow the same routines week after week. Our calendars fill up with obligations because we feel like we have to do them or they're what we've always done.

We feel constantly busy but we're not necessarily getting where we want to go. We're always complaining that there's no time for the things that we really want to do.

That's why getting very intentional with how you spend your time is so powerful. Are you aware of how much time you spend scrolling through Facebook or watching TV? How would it feel to say "no" when you don't really want to go out or to let go of commitments that are filling you with dread?

I love Alexandra's posts on "cleansing your calendar" so much. She walks you through the process of getting rid of the to-do's you're resenting and actually letting them go. We might think that being busy means we're important or fulfilled, but often it's a form of procrastination. When we take a hard look at our calendars, we can begin to mindfully build our days to create the lives we truly desire.

Use a cash budget

Am I ever going to stop harping on about this? Maybe. But only if I find a better way to manage my finances mindfully while still having lots of fun.

It's easier to be mindful of our finances when we're actually seeing the money in our wallet depreciate.

Another way to become more mindful of your spending is to track it with an app like Mint or YNAB or Wally. We all know that a daily latte or drinks every weekend really add up, but until you account for every dollar and look at the results at the end of the month, it's hard to realize how much it adds up.

Related: I wrote a full guide to using a cash budget, which will you walk through the process as well as the benefits.

Speak seductively.

Have you ever listened to a speaker and noticed that they have a vocal tick that comes out again and again? They might end every sentence as if it's a question, add a nervous giggle in every so often, or say "um" way too much.

We all have these little ticks but we aren't usually aware of them unless we listen back to ourselves on an audio recording or if someone points them out. In fact, we speak mindlessly most of the time. There are lots of ways that our speech can do us a disservice. If we raise our voice at the end of every sentence, we don't sound like we're confident in what we're saying. Many women speak in a higher voice than is natural for them and leads to people taking us less seriously.

What if instead we mindfully chose words and even a tone of voice that seduced our listener so that they hung on our every word?

Of course seduction isn't just a sexual thing. It's a way of being that expresses who you are through every word, every action, every look.

Kitty Cavalier is the queen of seduction and she has written an excellent article on speaking seductively - and I bet it doesn't involve what you think!

And when we bring this mindful intention to what we're saying, we're more likely to express ourselves clearly, ask for what we want, and stand up for ourselves!

Shake it off! 

Shaking is part of every Qoya class and that's where I was first introduced to it. But it's actually an ancient practice that is used by yogis as well as in shamanic healing rituals and even by wild animals in nature. It's one of the most simple practices but it allows us to release fear and reset our body.

Qoya founder, Rochelle Schiek suggests you try this as an experiment: "Shake your right hand only as much as you can for about 30 seconds. Shake rigorously. Shake intensely. Shake like you mean it. Keep shaking...a little bit more. Shake 10 more seconds, with more enthusiasm at the end and then stop and gently cup both hands in front of you, as if you were holding a globe, and feel the difference between your right and left hand. Feel how one hand is stronger and at the same time lighter. Notice how you feel increased energy, vitality, and mental clarity after shaking your right hand for 30 seconds."

To give shaking a full go, put on an upbeat song and start by shaking your hands vigorously for 10-30 seconds. Shake one foot and then the other. Lie on your back and shake your legs in the air. Stand up and shakeyour hips. Shake your shoulders. Shake everything at once! While your shaking you can picture any fears or anxieties or frustrations being flung from your body and going back into the earth.

Whenever I do this I end up feeling calmer and more energized at the same time.

Rochelle has a video that will show you this practice in action.

Connect to your intuition

I think we all want to live more authentically and be true to ourselves, but how can we foster that kind of connection? How do we discern our intuitive voice from our fears and all of the other yammering going on inside our heads?

We all have an inner knowing that's connected to our deepest desires and our best self, but it can be difficult to hear it among the noise. And even harder to trust it when almost everything it tell us to do is fucking scary.

Jess Lively has a fantastic exercise you can use when you're facing a life choice and want to connect to your intuition to figure it out.

She suggests literally writing out a conversation between your ego and your intuition. Write the question from your ego and then intuitively free write a response. I know this might sound a little crazy but it's surprising how quickly this inner knowing can spring forward when we let it. You can get a full explanation of the exercise and a real-life example on her website.

Feel your feelings

For the most part, we live in a society that encourages us to put our uncomfortable feelings in a box, slap on a smile, and forget about them. But that just leads to tensions brewing beneath the surface, waiting to erupt. And we grow more and more out of touch with who we are, what we want, and the direction our lives are taking.

Louise Androlia's "feel your feelings" mantra is so powerful.

She encourages us to really tune in to how we're feeling and declare it to ourselves: "I'm feeling __________." Feel the feeling in your body and breathe into that space. Tell yourself: "I'm feeling ____________ and that's okay."

I love this practice. It brings more awareness to our lives and I've found that it allows me to sit with a feeling without getting drawn into a panic about it. It gives me permission to allow whatever I'm feeling - no matter how shit it is - to flow through me rather than resisting it. Because what we resist persists, but when we go with the flow, the feeling can run its natural course.

Plus, when we're in touch with our emotions, we can begin to use them as a compass for what's working in our lives and what could use some retuning.

Take a look at the stories you're telling yourself

We all have those stories we tell ourselves. Some of mine are: I'm not an athlete - in fact, exercise just isn't my jam; my ex-business partner totally screwed me over, and I've always been afraid of heights.

But are those stories really true? Do they have to be? Is telling myself them contributing to me being my best self? Do they empower or disempower me?

Usually we allow our thoughts to mindlessly swirl around our heads. If we've been telling ourselves these stories for long enough we just accept them as gospel, without ever questioning them.

Sarah says it's time to cut that shit out. Instead, ask yourself: "What would happen if you reframed that experience? What would happen if you tried to view your struggles through a lens of empathy and growth?"

Pausing to examine our stories allows us to view them as just that: stories. And we're the ones with the power to rewrite them and create new endings as we please.

Use your breath to fuel your workouts

We can use our breath to fuel every area of our life. We can use it to call in stillness or to push us further. We can breathe out our anxieties and negativity and breathe in whatever it is we need in the moment.

This article walks you through using yogic breathing to bring mindfulness and a sense of strength to your workouts. It's a simple technique that brings additional benefits to getting fit as you use that time to create peace of mind and personal growth. Pretty cool, right?

Ultimately, mindfulness is about settling into the present moment. Embracing it even. We let go of our stranglehold on the past and stop obsessing over the future. The present moment is all we really have.

These are practical ways to begin incorporating mindfulness into your life. Pick one and rock it out!

If it turns out that one doesn't groove with you, try something else. Notice that there are opportunities to be mindful in every moment. The more you practice, the more you'll train your mind and the easier it will become to stay in the present moment. That's where the magic is!

So to make sure you have a plethora of ways to start living more mindfully, I've created a bonus list of 30 more ideas and they've all been tried and tested by yours truly.


Click below to download my list of 30 tried & tested ways to live more mindfully (WITHOUT meditating).