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65 Creative Ways to Afford Your Dream.

The number one reason that people tell me they struggle with when it comes to achieving their dreams is money.

They say they simply can’t afford the things they want. End of story. 

Whether you think it’s cheesy or not, I’m telling you that you must banish “I can’t afford it from your vocabulary” if you want to become a dream wrangler.

Every time you utter that phrase it’s like screaming a big, fat “NO!” to the universe. You’re shutting down the possibility without even exploring it. 

I want you to entertain your desires, to dwell on them, savour them, and allow yourself to almost taste them without worrying about where the money will come from.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to feel broke all of the time. For everyday purchases, like going out for drinks or buying a new dress make everything feel tight and restricted.

But the fact is, when we want something badly enough, we dedicate ourselves to finding a solution.

I have a friend who launched the charity he’d dreamed of starting by spending a year as a “professional guest.” He’d stay with someone for a couple of weeks at a time rent-free in exchange for performing some task for them, whether it was cooking, cleaning, or coding their website. He saved money on rent so he was able to work less and pursue his passion. And another friend successfully set up a crowdfunding page to fund the start of her writing career. 

All across the world there are stories of people going on epic adventures, launching businesses, filming movies, and funding other enormous dreams without any startup capital. It’s not necessary to have a massive savings account or even have extra income coming in, if you’re willing to get creative and believe that funding your dream is possible.

When you shift from a scarcity mindset to a place of abundance, you begin to look for solutions to your money dilemmas and you trust that you’ll have enough for everything you need. While it might not feel like your savings is filling up by drips and trickles, with a bit of trust, intention, and creativity, you can make sure you get to your goal. 

In The Daydream Revolution, everyone gets training and one-to-one support to create a fundraising strategy that's unique to their situation and dream. At the end of 8 weeks, each participant will have a detailed action plan for every step of making their dream true and a clear picture of how they’re going to afford it.

Below are 65 ways to get creative about making and saving money, so that you can afford your dream. I hope they'll inspire you to think about your finances more creatively (and optimistically!).

  1. Clear out your closet and sell the best pieces at a consignment shop.
  2. Have a yard sale.
  3. Start a crowdfunding campaign. Ask each of your friends to donate their talents so you can offer some really kickass rewards.
  4. Sign up for ClickWorker and do some data entry work in your spare time.
  5. Think of something you know how to do that other people would want to learn (bake a lemon meringue pie! file your income taxes! edit photos like a pro! french braiding! cutting your own hair!) and host a mini course from your house.
  6. Or you can get people to pay you for that service if they don’t want to do it themselves.
  7. Collect all of your spare change in an empty soup tin.
  8. Start a side hustle and take on some freelance work.
  9. Give something up in the name of your dream and save every penny you would have spent on it.
  10. Take instant photos (with a Polaroid or Instax) of tourists on the street for $10 a pop.
  11. Package one of your services in a new way and have a limited time offer.
  12. Ask a loved one for support.
  13. Sell CDs, DVDs, and video games on Music Magpie.
  14. Sell old electronics or gadgets you don’t use.
  15. Throw an event and charge a small ticket fee. Lots of pubs or bars will let you use their space for free if you have a cash bar. Ask up-and-coming musicians and poets who are looking for exposure to perform. Create a theme and find fun ways to make it a complete experience.
  16. Rent out your spare room or offer your apartment on AirBnB when you’re away.
  17. Review products through a company like or sign up to be a mystery shopper.
  18. Recycle your old phone for cash.
  19. Sign up to be a life model at your local art college.
  20. Take on some pet walking or babysitting work during evenings and weekends.
  21. Sign up for and find odd jobs that match your skills.
  22. Host a mini bake sale at a local fair or on your front lawn.
  23. Figure out what you can make yourself (fancy coffees! cocktails! lunch at work!)
  24. Mend and make do. You don’t always need the newest, best, and brightest.
  25. Pitch your services to someone who needs them.
  26. Sign up for Eat With and host supper clubs for travellers visiting your town.
  27. Perform at children’s parties! Dress up a clown, a princess, or any other fun character. Bonus points if you know magic tricks.
  28. Take on some cleaning or personal organisation work if staying tidy is your jam.
  29. If you have any old furniture, appliances, or bits and bobs gathering dust around the house, list them on Craigslist or Gumtree.
  30. Are you a great cook? Sell frozen dinners or ready made lunches to the busy bees in your life.
  31. Teach a class online with SkillShare.
  32. Write a short ebook or video tutorial on one of your area’s of expertise (think about something you could teach people how to do) and sell it for a few bucks a pop.
  33. Create a subscription service around something you like to make (cookies! paintings! jewellery! poetry!)
  34. Revamp or mend thrift shop finds and sell them on Etsy.
  35. Take all of those empties back to the beer store.
  36. Host a themed cocktail party and charge a small premium on the drinks you serve your friends (let them know what you’re saving money for and I promise they won’t think it’s tacky!)
  37. Join Lyft and get paid to taxi people in your car.
  38. If you’re academically inclined, try tutoring students. You’ll make an excellent hourly rate! Look into advertising in local schools or get in touch with parents you know to see if their kids need any help with their studies.
  39. Become a Direct Sales Vendor (with a company like Usana or Avon). You’ll make a commission on everything you sell and also get some great freebies.
  40. Ask for overtime. Will your boss let you work some extra hours?
  41. If you have a van, offer junk removal services.
  42. Waitress for a catering company. The work is ad hoc, so you can take on weekend jobs as your schedule allows.
  43. Look for promoters in your area who will pay you to distribute leaflets and put up flyers.
  44. Rent a Friend literally allows you to be a friend for hire and in addition to an hourly fee, you can end up being someone’s plus one to swanky events.
  45. Look out for movies and TV shows being filmed near you, and see if you can be an extra.
  46. Set yourself up with a typewriter in the park and write poems for a fee.
  47. Is there something you DIY for yourself? Maybe it’s beauty products, cleaning solutions, vanilla extracts, Filofax printables, infused oils, or anything else. Make an extra big batch and sell the extras to your friends, family, and coworkers who are always jealous of your homemade goodies.
  48. Bust out a musical instrument and busk in the park.
  49. Be a language tutor online with iTalki.
  50. Become a “professional guest.” A few years ago, when my friend Dave was starting a new project, he put a post on Facebook offering his services as a professional guest on Facebook. In exchange for cleaning, cooking, writing, babysitting, or doing other tasks around their home, people gave him free accommodations in their house for a few weeks or even a few months. He was able to save all of the money he would have spent on rent and poured into his project.
  51. Compile your favourite recipes into a short ebook and sell it for a few dollars on Gumroad.
  52. If you have a blog, sign up with an agency like Nuffnang and you might get paid to write a few sponsored posts.
  53. Sell your photographs online.
  54. Set up a Patreon page and allow people who believe in your dream to become your monthly patrons.
  55. If you have a large Twitter following, see whether you can pick up some sponsored tweets with PaidPerTweet.
  56. Clear out your wardrobe and sell the clothes you never wear on Depop or Ebay.
  57. Move in with a family member to save on rent while you work towards your dream.
  58. 58. Would the cost of your dream be lower if there were more of you doing it? See who else you can get on board!
  59. Offer a service on Fiverr.
  60. Students can sell their class notes on NoteSale.
  61. Create a font using your handwriting and sell it on Creative Market.
  62. Assist a wedding photographer on the weekends. It’ll mean a lot of schlepping gear but you’ll learn a lot in the process.
  63. See whether there are any salons or hair schools in your area that pay for hair models.
  64. Some banks offer a “save the rest” program where your purchases are automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar or $5 increment and the difference is deposited in a savings accounts.
  65. Use BookScouter to see who will pay the most for your old books.

This list is meant to get your creative juices flowing and demonstrate that there are many ways to save and earn extra money. There will be some that are unique to your dream and I’m certain that you’ll be aware of opportunities that I’m not.

Today, brainstorm a list of every single way you could make your dream happen. Don’t worry about the practicality of them at first, just start exercising that idea muscle and see what comes up. If one of them inspires you, be sure to share it with us in the comments!

And if you want the support and training to figure out exactly how you're going to afford your dream, consider joining us in The Daydream Revolution.

Sending you lovebeams across cyberspace!

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The 30-Minute Action Plan: How to Get Started on Your Dream When It Feels TOO Big

This week, I want to convince you that mindmapping is sexy. Yes, REALLY. Because sexy is anything that puts you in the flow, gets you feeling like your best self, and cultivates badass confidence that has you shouting, "Fuck yes I can do this!"

Feeling stuck is anything but sexy. It's constrictive and demotivating and leads you to say things like, "I can never make this happen," or "I have no idea where to even start."

Having a plan is empowering and mindmapping is the most effective way I've found to do this when I don't know where to begin. I do it every month for the goals I'm working towards. I do it on a small scale when I'm planning out an epic blog post or cultivating healthy new routines. And of course I mindmap the hell out of the big dreams that boggle my mind and scare the shit of me.

The thing is, research and planning can easily move into the realm of procrastination. We FEEL like we're doing something, and we are in a way, but we're also getting in our own way and preventing ourselves from taking action. The truth is, we only need a limited amount of information to get started: enough to take our first steps and create the framework for our action plan.

Have a quick comb through Google to pull out any essential information and leave the rest. You can add figuring out that stuff to your action plan and do it when you need to.

I've broken down exactly how to create an action plan for your big dream in just 30 minutes using my own example from when I decided to move to London. So grab a pen and paper, and let's get started!

Create Your Action Plan in 30 Minutes

List the Milestones
The overwhelming part of working towards a big dream is the enormity of it. The big picture is what will keep us motivated, but we need to see the path that leads to it. Because that's how we'll get there: one small step at a time.

Within any large goals, there are smaller milestones we have to reach in order to make it happen. Set a timer for five minutes and list the milestones that make up your big dream.

For example, when I moved to London my milestones looked like:

  • Move in with my mom to save money on rent
  • Make a budget
  • Save enough money for maintenance funds, application fees, and plane ticket
  • Learn about what life in London is like (ie. cost of living, how the process of renting a flat differs from Canada, social customs, etc.)
  • Apply for visa
  • Buy plane ticket
  • Find a job in the UK
  • Find somewhere to live
  • Make friends in London.

If you feel absolutely stuck on these milestones, start combing Google. It's likely that there are forums, blogs, or articles written by someone who has already achieved a similar goal. "How to____________," "steps to ___________," and "___________ blog" are good places to start.

Write your big dream in the middle of a piece of paper and off it, draw a line off of it for each one of your milestones.

Break Them Apart
Each of your milestones can be broken down even further into the individual action steps that need to be taken in order to achieve them.

For example, applying for my visa consisted of the following action steps:

  • Find out the cost of application fees
  • Find out what forms needed to be filled out
  • Have passport photos taken
  • Gather necessary supporting documents
  • Fill out application, pay fees, and submit online
  • Make biometrics appointment
  • Attend biometrics appointment
  • Surrender and wait

To start breaking apart your milestone, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What information do I need to achieve this?
  • Do I need any money or resources?
  • Are their qualifications or training that I need?
  • Do I need to make any appointments or bookings?
  • Do I need anyone's permission or assistance?

If your step can't be completed in an hour, or at least not more than an afternoon, try breaking it down even further. This will help with overwhelm because each step will feel manageable and when you get overcome with everything that needs doing, you can just focus on the next small piece in front of you.

Under each milestone on your mindmap, list out the action steps. Some of your action steps will actually be gathering pieces of information that you don't know yet. You'll continue filling in your mind map as you gather this information, so think of it as a fluid, evolving document.

Map it All Out
Right. So now, you've basically created a to-do list. But a to-do list is not nearly as powerful as a PLAN. A plan takes into account priority and time. A to-do list doesn't. So babe, it's time to make a plan!

Jot down next to each action step a rough estimate of how long each item will take and then number each item in the order it should be completed. If there isn't always a logical sequence to the steps, prioritize the ones that are most critical or that you'd enjoy doing least (always "eat that frog.")

The next step is to set deadlines for each of your tasks. I find the best way to do this is to work backwards. When do you want to achieve your goal? Go backwards through your timeline to schedule each step so that they fit within your time frame. Now make sure you go and put each of these steps in your calendar because, remember: what doesn't get scheduled doesn't get done. Set reminders in your phone so that you remember when each of your milestone deadlines is coming up.

Take a Step, Any Step
Hells yes, girl: you've got a plan! Now take a deeeeeeeeeep breath. With your eyes on the path ahead and each step you need to take coming in to view, are you starting to feel a bit more empowered to wrangle this dream and drag it to life?

Don't worry if you're still feeling overwhelmed. That's totally normal so we're going to take it one step further. As humans, we have the really terrible tendency of waiting for an elusive "right time" to start. This is a form of procrastination and self-sabotage. But so often we'll put off starting a new project or goal until Monday or the first day of the month or the new year and it continues to slip through our fingers. There is no right time other than right now. There's a Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Identify a step from your action plan that you can take RIGHT now. Even if you're reading this post right before bed, there's something you can do to get started. For example, if you're training for a marathon it could be setting out your work out clothes and putting your phone in another room so you're forced to get out of bed tomorrow morning (and then you'll be that much closer to actually going on that run!) Or it could be as simple as sending an important e-mail or Googling a key piece of information.

Every step we takes builds confidence and momentum, so now that you've got it, put that action plan to good use!

You've got this.

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Your life can be fantastical!

We dream of receiving our Hogwarts letter. Of doing a reverse Little Mermaid and giving up our legs for a shimmering tail, so that we can swim through the sea. Of soaring through the sky in a flying car or on our own feathered wings. Of sitting down for tea in a palace with our handsome prince.

Fiction has the ability to capture our hearts, ensnare our minds, and shape our fantasies.

And of course there's value in the pure escapism of fantasy. Of the stories that serve to take us for another place for a little while. A place that is so unlike our real lives that it serves as a mini vacation. A place to refresh and recharge.

But there are other fantasies that fiction can offer, which are linked to our deepest desires. They speak to who we'd like to be, how we'd like to live, the places we'd like to live, and the dreams that are buried deep within our hearts.

We don't recognize them as such because it's all so impossible isn't it? The mermaids and unicorns don't materialize. None of us got picked for our wizarding training. And the future is here without flying cars or robots to clean our homes.

But there’s never been a better time to be a dreamer. All around the world, people are defying convention and living fantastical lives that sound like the plot lines of wonderful novels.

This couple has a unicorn with a technicolored mane and bejeweled halter that lives in their house with them.

By day, Eveleena is a princess who wears an actual tiara, drinks from a goblet, and holds court at the castle of Medieval Times. By night, she's the femme fatale ringleader of Les Vixens - a post modern burlesque and gogo experience that brings fantasies to life on stage in their performances around the USA. She’s pure proof that fantasies can co-exist with reality and that we don’t have to exclusively choose one side of ourselves while we revel in our daydreams.

There's a couple in Washington State who live like it's Victorian times, right down to writing with a fountain pen they fill with an eyedropper and using an antique rotary egg beater.

There are mermaid schools around the world (here's one in the UK and one in Canada) and professional performers get paid up to $250 an hour to swim around combing their hair wish shells and flicking their brightly coloured tails.

Then there are those slightly more down-to-earth dreamers. The digital nomads who travel for months at a time. The perfectly coiffed pinup who always dresses in head-to-toe vintage as she flits about her busy, urban life. The idealists building tiny homes that look like something straight out of The Hobbit. The entrepreneurs who create online courses that bring their favourite fictional worlds to life. The romantics who are restoring French chateaus back to their former glory. The rock n rollers who are bringing their craziest dreams to life on the silver screen.

This is all to say: your wildest wishes are possible. Your whirling dervish dreams and deepest longings can have a place outside the pages. It might take a lot of creativity and innovation but if you listen to the whispers of your fantasies, you can let them lead you to magical new places and shape your life accordingly.

And you get to choose what fantastical looks like for you. This isn't an all-or-nothing game. Whether you desire an extreme, all-encompassing lifestyle or a series of small, dreamy elements incorporated into your everyday.

If you daydream about the refinement and chivalry of regency England, you could keep it as simple as wearing vintage nightgowns to bed and only drinking out of fancy teacups.

If you yearn for the glitz and glamour of the 1920s, you could give up mascara in favour of false eyelashes or take a swing dance class.

If you fantasize about an idyllic life in the country but don’t want to give up your fast-paced life in the city, you could grow your own food on an allotment or dedicate every Sunday to spending time in nature.

If your mind’s a tilt-a-whirl of futuristic technology and space age living, you could decorate your bathroom to look like the inside of a rocketship or start studying robotics.

If your favourite escape is getting lost in a fantasy novel, you could take up cosplaying or transform your bedroom into a fantastical haven.

Last week I became obsessed with this idea of living our fantasies. Of making extreme, sweeping changes or teeny tiny shifts in order to actualize our daydreams.

So I scribbled and scribbled and I created this free workbook: Fantasize: A Guide to Making Your Most Radical Wishes Come True

It’s a combination of notes from my journal, so you can see my own process with this work; mini lessons and worksheets to get your mind to the place where fantasy and reality meet. You can download it by entering your e-mail address below.

But until then, I'd love to know: what would you do if you knew you could bring any of your dreams to life with joy and ease? What fantasies would you choose to live?

Sending you lovebeams across cyberspace!

Live Your Fantasies!

Click below to get the free guide to making your most radical wishes come true, complete with worksheets and notes straight from my journal.

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