Short on time? Ask the Universe!

Short on time? Ask the Universe!
Short on time? Ask the Universe!

I met Fab last year and we became fast friends. I'm constantly in awe of how much she gets does. She's constantly launching new courses, working with amazing one-to-one clients, organising events, releasing amazing content, managing the Health Bloggers Community, and still making time for fun and passion projects. She recently released the Take Your Time Back program, which is all about how she manages to juggle so many things and today she's going to share a simple trick for getting more done. It's all about working with the universe (but yes, you're going to have to work).

Hi, my name is Fab and I am a Time Hacker. The reason I call myself that is because I am committed to helping people hack their lives in order to have more time and freedom. I am also a passion junkie, and as you may get, the two don’t go hand in hand all the time. When I work with my clients they expect to be handed with a list of things to do and softwares to download, however, this is just one part of the equation. What really throws people off the wagon, is when I tell them that in order to do more in less time (aka live and work smarter, not harder) they have to hand-in some of their daily tasks to the big U - aka the Universe.

We can call it Universe, Higher Self, God, Goddess, or anything your heart desires. Most of us struggle in life because of our tendencies to be over-controlling, and extremely demanding og ourselves. This applies to bloggers, entrepreneurs, and university students alike. Asking people to surrender is hard at first, and it can be quite inconclusive if done by simply burning a Jo Malone candle and hoping the Universe will handle everything on our behalf - spoiler alert: our timing and the Universe’s are not exactly the same. I am the first one to cringe when people tell me ‘Fab, everything in divine time’, but most times I just swallow the pill and nod. When I need more motivation though, I use this really simple trick, which I share with my clients (and now you can also use it every time you are facing big tasks and goals!)

This exercise is great when looking to manifest something big, and looking for extra TLC. It also provides an equal share of the work - for you, and for the Universe. Who doesn’t love a fair share?

Just make two lists on one sheet of paper. On half the page, you’ll write your to-do list, and on the other half, you’ll write a to-do list. How do you decide who does what? You should only focus on doing the small day-to-day tasks (also known as the ‘next steps’): sending that email, creating that blogpost, sending a text message you have been avoiding for weeks.

Tasks for the Universe, are ones that involve aligning abundance opportunities, and big projects such as moves, job changes, relationship issues, new clients and collaborations.

The to-do lists allow you to start seeing your life as a group project. Some of the tasks are completed by you, and some things have been divinely aligned. Your life and your actions, are all you, but we all can remember at least one time in our lives that something incredible happened. Maybe it was an amazing coincidence, and maybe it was a crossing of paths. Why not making the most of coincidences by specifically asking for big goals to be fulfilled to happen, just by working with the Big U, in the group project that is your life?

By simply getting into the habit of writing a weekly list, you’ll tap into the Universe and learn how to surrender by putting things in paper. Just get clear on your goal and let the Big U do the rest. Now, this is a smart to-do list.

Fab is a Passion Junkie. People know her as the Time Hacker, as she helps people hack their time and create the freedom they deserve. Multi-passionate entrepreneur, Fab is a coach, mentor, writer, recipe developer and founder of the Health Bloggers Community.

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