The Punk Rock Personal Development podcast is now on iTunes!

The Punk Rock Personal Development podcast is FINALLY on iTunes!

Yes, I hit some technical snafus (who knew my propensity for cussing could get me into so much trouble or that an ampersand could be coded incorrectly?!), so this message is coming to you a month later than I'd hoped but:

It's here! It's here! It's here!

I am over the moon to be bringing this project to you because I'm having SO MUCH FUN creating it and I think it's sorely needed.

Sometimes I get frustrated that so much self-help material contains little more than platitudes and new age jargon. Punk Rock Personal Development is about having real conversations about the practical tools, mindsets, and habits people are using to embrace self-love, go after their dreams, and live life on purpose. I want to talk about their struggles and their triumphs. Their inspiring stories and practical advice. The real nitty gritty ways that they've consciously created their lives.

I talked to Francesca Lia Block about magic, staying inspired, and the catharsis of writing.

Veronica Varlow and I chatted about personal transformations, the power of daydreaming, and creating a magical life.

Mariah Coz gave me the low down on gaining focus, making a living from your passions, and getting more done.

Laura Jane Williams and I waxed philosophical about finding yourself through writing, the art of becoming, & cultivating self-acceptance.

Louise Androlia generously offered all of her best advice for learning to surrender, loving yourself with chronic illness, & tapping into your intuition.

I asked ReeRee Rockette about being your best self, making healthier choices, & leaping into entrepreneurship.

Jayne Goldheart and I drank wine while chatting about dancing through chance, living a nomadic life, & being true to yourself.

Lisa Lister laid down some real talk about loving your body, unleashing your superpowers, & exploring your lady landscape.

Each of these conversations lifted me up, helped me look at things in new ways, and offered me practical tools I could start implementing right away. I hope they'll have as profound an impact on you as they've had on me. And I'll be sharing a new one with you each and every Friday.

Now that the podcast is out there, I need your help!

The first 8 weeks of a podcast are critical. The number of downloads and reviews I get determine whether I'll be featured on the iTunes new & noteworthy list, which can lead a lot of new people to find a show & allowing me to really create the impact I want to have.

Here are a few simple ways you can help:

  • Subscribe on iTunes.
  • Download all of the existing episodes (even if you've already listened to them - you can just mark them as played afterwards).
  • Leave a rating and review. Search for the podcast on the iTunes store and then tap the "Reviews" tab. Then just select a star rating, write a few words, and tap "Send." This can be as simple as "Great work, Sarah!" or "I'm loving this show!" or let me know who you'd like to hear interviewed next. Don't worry, I'm not asking you to write a novel.
  • Tell anyone you think would enjoy it about the show
  • Tweet about the podcast or share the link on (you could direct them to the show on iTunes)

Anyway that you can get the word out will be immensely helpful. Thank you so much for all of your love and support. It means the world to me!

Sending you lovebeams across cyberspace.

And don't forget: you can still register for my free webinar + Q&A with Ebonie Allard, which is taking place tomorrow at 7pm GMT. Even if you can't attend live, you will be able to watch the replay if you've registered and there will be some pretty sweet bonuses just for signing up!

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Migrating all of my content over to this site gave me an opportunity to go through all of the content I've written over the past few years. It made me realize that some of my favourite posts could use some updating. I wanted to create tools that would allow you to put these ideas into action by using the exact exercises and strategies that I do. And since these are my most popular posts, hopefully give you more of what you want. So I've created these five freebies for designing a life you love. You can download them from the respective posts by clicking on the titles below.

50 More Ways to Have an Adventure Without Leaving Town

Travel is something so many of us crave more of, but time and budget constraints mean that most of us can’t jet off on holiday whenever we want to. ‘Adventure’ is one of my core desired feelings, so I’ve been trying to infuse my life with it, even when I’m stuck within the confines of my 9-5. We get to choose what our life looks and feels like, so instead of letting it get dull or mundane just because there isn’t an epic vacation on your horizon, commit to spicing up your day to day with endless mini adventures Here are 50 more ways you can go on an adventure without even leaving town.

The Daily Writing Planner

There’s no magic formula or course you can take that will make you a writer. Of course reading a lot, learning the tricks of the trade, and getting critical feedback will push you further. But the simple act of writing day in and day out is how you'll finish your projects. It’s what will make you a writer. Creating a daily writing practice is a personal process based on what inspires and motivates you. I've created the Daily Writing Planner to figure out what will work best for you.

Punk Rock Note Taking Worksheets

Note taking is better when it's pretty AND easy to implement what you're learning. Use the punk rock note taking worksheet to up your note taking game so that you can make the most of a book or course and actually apply it to your life.

Cash Budget Calculator

Using a cash budget means that I never get part way through the month and feel absolutely skint. I always know that I have enough money in the bank to live modestly but comfortably. And if I spend too zealously one week, I never have to wait more than a few days for a little top up. But if numbers freak you out, don't worry: you can download the Cash Budget Calculator worksheets for free.

The Daily Practice Tracker

I think that creating a daily practice that’s realistic and nourishes every part of us is important, as long as we allow for a certain amount of fluidity and check in with ourselves regularly to honour how we're feeling and take care of what we need on that particular day. Keeping track of how you're nurturing each of the pillars of your daily practice will help you figure out what works best for you.

I'd love to hear how these tools work for you, and whether there are any other posts you'd like to see updated with worksheets, mini guides, or additional resources.

Happy Monday!

Rituals, Routines, & Real-Talk for Getting Inspired.

Inspiration can seem like a random occurrence. An act of fate. You might wonder why some people seem to be brimming over with ideas all of the time, while you can never figure out what to write, paint, [insert your creative passion here]. And when your job or your passion project depends on your creative output, a lack of inspiration feel fatal. Luckily science (and personal experience!) has shown that you can jump start your inspiration and become a more creative person over time.

Here's how you can get started.


When I wrote about creating a daily writing routine, I talked about choosing rituals that get you in a writing mindset. You can also use rituals to trigger your creativity. Do you find that you have your best ideas when you're out for a walk or taking a shower? That's because most of the time when our brain makes new connections, it happens subconsciously. So the next time you're struggling with a challenge or need to come up with a new idea, spend a few minutes meditating on what it is you need to figure out and then do something else. Dance to your favourite song. Walk in a beautiful park. Go to an art gallery. Read something completely unrelated. Phone a friend. Play dress up. Draw a picture. Write a poem. Experiment and see what rituals are the best creativity triggers for you.


In fact, an anti-routine has been shown to be an important ingredient for inspiration. Changing your routine regularly stops your mind from going on autopilot. Providing new sensory inputs by trying new things or doing something in a different way, will trigger your mind to think more creatively. But there are some things that, when done regularly, will turn you into a prolific idea machine. Borrow a page from James Altucher and create a list of 10 new ideas everyday. Consume a wide variety of culture - not just stuff related to your field or things you easily understand. Read, watch, and look at diverse sources of material. And always carry a notebook to write your ideas down right away. Ideas are tricky things and they'll vanish quickly if you don't do something with them.

Real Talk

Inspiration happens when you do the work. When you sit down every day and put your hands on the keyboard, pick up the paintbrush, or practice your moves - whatever it is that you do. It's natural that your ideas will be bad at first. Our brains are lazy and at first push they're basically regurgitating memories. So we need to stick with it. Push through to the slightly better ideas and the even better ones after those to the completely genius strokes of inspiration that make our spines tingle with our excitement. It's why we need to write, re-write, edit, and then re-write again. Saying that you're not creative or don't have any ideas is a cop out. Do the work and the ideas will come to you.

What do you when you're feeling uninspired? I'd love to hear!