Virtual Assistant Services

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs take the headache out of their business so that it all feels more awesome (and it'll be more efficient too!) I can manage whatever day-to-day grunt work, tech-y bits, systems, and processes you want so that you can do what you do best and stay in your zone of genius.

There are so many ways that I can help you:

General Day-to-Day Operations
Replying to e-mails, managing calendars scheduling clients, managing customer service inquiries, client relationship management

Creating or documenting systems, processes, and workflows so that your business runs more efficiently and easily. Breaking projects into to-do lists with assigned tasks and due dates.

Content Management
Repurposing livestreams for YouTube (including an optimized, branded frame that fits YT’s screen size), managing editorial calendars, creating and/or scheduling content across platforms.

Social media graphics; Website/blog graphics; PDFs including fillable fields & clickable links.

Launch Support
Consulting on launch strategies, writing and/or setting up launch sequences, fielding questions

Set up in iTunes (& other podcast directories), guest scheduling, show notes, scheduling, episode editing can be included in my services but it will be performed by my husband and not by me


Blog support
Ghostwriting, SEO, proofreading, editing, graphics, and scheduling.

Blog posts, website copy, courses, e-mail marketing, books, etc.

Email Marketing
Writing or scheduling regular newsletters, setting up autoresponder series, launch sequences, and sales funnels, creating opt-in boxes, setting up content upgrades or opt-in freebies

Social Media
Writing posts, scheduling, strategy, audience growth, community moderator for forums or Facebook Groups, account setup (let’s get you set up on whatever platforms will best serve your business and make sure you’re looking your best!)

Website - Wordpress or SquareSpace
General maintenance & updates, creating new pages, auditing for brand consistency, checking for broken links, designing sales pages

Pitching you for guest posts or podcasts

Setting up landing pages, integrating with e-mail client, tweaking reminder e-mails, setting up limited time offers

Bespoke Services: Your business needs are unique to you and often the work I perform for my clients does not fall into the above categories but utilizes the apps, tools, and services below. If you think I'm a good fit for your business but are not sure whether I perform the services you need, please get in touch. I'd love to chat about how I can help you.

Although I only started taking on Virtual Assistant clients in 2016, my experience that has readied me for the job is vast and varied. In fact, it feels like I have been training for this role for my entire life.

My dad worked in IT and so growing up, I was often found on his lap (and later on my own) tapping away at our computer's keyboard from the age of two. I grew up online - you could call me a "digital native" - so learning new softwares and digital processes comes intuitively for me.

I had blogs and websites from a young age. Angelfire, Geocities, Livejournal ...I did them all, in all their angsty, oversharing glory.

Once I graduated university, the work experience I collected gave me in-depth experience overseeing business operations, creating effective social media strategies, content marketing, and creating effective systems and processes.

I was the editor-in-chief of an independent women's magazine in Toronto where I oversaw all operations, managed their social media accounts, laid out the print magazine, updated the website, created images for articles, and managed all day-to-day tasks (we had a very small team, whom I oversaw). At a community charity in the UK I managed all of the social media and communications. During my tenure their I helped to grow one of their social accounts from 1,500 to over 10,000.


"Thank the bloody goddess for Sarah Starrs.

I’m a control freak and needed to find someone who I could trust, and who had the patience AND the skills to work with me as I tried really hard to let go of the need to DO everything. 

She gets me, she gets my business + most importantly, she gets shit done. 

Sarah Starrs, I love you."

Lisa Lister


"Sarah has been an amazing help as I set off to grow my business in my first year full-time. Even when I wasn't sure 100% what I needed help with, Sarah was there to encourage me every step along the way, and to help me from a business-driven place of mind. Her skills are what really drew me to her, and when we had our first call to see if we were a good fit, I knew she was the one to help my business with her sincere attitude and capable nature. I feel like she really understood my business goals, and helped me work towards them — offering suggestions along the way that I would otherwise not have known about. I specifically hired her because of her skills with design and her ability to help edit my podcast. These were two offerings that I was 100% needing, and having a hard time finding in an assistant. Knowing that I could come to Sarah with anything, and that she could understand, take over, and execute was huge! She was also VERY timely, and kept me on track even when my to-do lists were daunting. I knew I could count on her to do what she said, when she said it, and I was never wondering when something would be coming in or having to check up on her. That was just the peace of mind I needed as a busy entrepreneur. I highly recommend Sarah!!"

Kelsey Cronkhite

kelsey (1).jpg

"I was so glad to find Sarah! She literally saved my life, picked me up off the floor from overwhelm, confusion and exhaustion and helped me get my business off the ground. I had been struggling for a while and didn’t know if my business was ever going to make it. I was given Sarah’s name and it was like the heavens opened. Sarah was able to listen to what I needed and then help me discover and use tools the would help streamline processes and get out of overwhelm. Her ability to work independently was vital. I was looking for someone I could trust and I could trust her. She is intelligent, independent but asked questions for clarification when needed. She's an all-around wonderful human being. If you are looking for someone who is honest, trustworthy, smart and does GREAT work, give her a call."

Rachel Freemon Sowers

ebonie (1).jpg

“I hired Sarah because she gets my brand, which means I can trust her to share and care for my business and my clients as I would. She’s been in my position, and has real world experience of being an online business owner which means that I know that she can handle anything I throw at her. She is super fucking talented at all sorts, but particularly writing! Sarah is reliable, honest about her capabilities and she’s a doer. Oh, did I mention she is fun too! Working with Sarah is freeing me up to stay in my zone of genius safe in the knowledge that the other bits will happen, the cogs will keep turning, that my peeps will be taken care of and that I won’t drop a ball. Ultimately all this means that I can grow, spin more plates and have a greater positive impact with ease!”

Ebonie Allard


I work with clients on an ongoing basis with a minimum retainer of 10 hours per month. A 10-hour block costs £300 and must be used within one calendar month. Additional hours are charged at a rate of £35 per hour, if they are needed.

I'm happy to talk to you about your specific needs and put together a quote based on your spec.